The Black Vault releases trove of CIA’s classified UFO documents

The Black Vault releases trove of CIA's classified UFO documents

It still shows an unknown object tracked by a 2015 US Navy pilot in a “Gimbal” video.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kosar / CNET

“Unidentified flying objects” are certainly a thing, but do they have foreign origins? I am in favor of skepticism, but there are plenty of true believers and UFO-eager people eager for official information from the government.

For The Black Vault, thanks to an online collection of decalcified government documents, you can now dig through a huge troop of information that the CIA has collected on UFOs over the years.

John Greenveld Jr. of the Black Vault posted the content of a CD full of 2,780 pages of documents last week, a result of several of Greenveld’s Freedom of Information Act requests.

The CIA has sometimes exhausted documents related to UFOs over the years. A reading archive made available online Covering information from the 1940s in the early 1990s. Last year, US Navy declared documents and videos unannounced Linked to the 2004 UFO encounter.

Black Vault’s collection should keep UFO fans busy for some time. Greenveld tweeted that you can tweet an example of such documents, when he can share a partially redesigned memo from 1976 that mentions UFO research.

It seems that public interest in UFOs has not diminished. Greenveld tweeted On Wednesday, more than 622,000 people generated over 30.7 million hits on its server and downloaded approximately 26 terabytes of data in just 24 hours.

This can be a fun year for UFO enthusiasts. COVID-19 relief bill The end of December 2020 included a requirement for the Director of National Intelligence, signed by President Trump, to submit a report to the Congress Intelligence and Armed Services Committees on an “unknown aerial incident” within 180 days. The request is for an unclassified report, but may include a classified supplement.

The search for definitive answers is not over. “Although the CIA claims that it is their ‘entire’ collection, there can be no way to fully verify it,” Greenveld wrote. “Research by the Black Vault will continue to see if additional documents are still revealed within the CIA’s hold.”

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