The Big Day: After Indian Matchmaking, Netflix gives us big fat Indian weddings

If the extravagant wedding videos are your fix on Instagram, then Netflix’s The Big Day is just for you. A spiritual outpouring of Indian matchmaking – the OTT chief talked about the show that landed last year as we were dealing with the necessities of life during an epidemic – Big Day blasted us inside six Indian weddings. It shows us what the plans are for those super-glossy Shadi videos that will get all hearts on Instagram. It is unclear about who the bill is and it also tries to push the envelope when it comes to traditions, but nobody feels that it has a heart in it.

Big Day’s real interest is in showing how the marriage can end. The first episode, featuring the weddings of Aman Kapoor-Divya Khandelwal and Nikita Iyer-Mukund Chilakanti, will give you a sensory overload. From watching your party with giant Buddha statues at Alice in Wonderland-themed dos on Mahabalipuram beach, it seems to be the show’s calling card in the very first episode.

However, there is also an idea about adding stability to the entire experience. Aman and Divya are outspoken to the locals as they incorporate the ethos and practices of Bishangarh in Rajasthan into their wedding.

The patriarchy that is intrinsically linked to Indian weddings is also challenged by couples. For example, Divya and Aman enter the wedding venue together, insisting that any groom and bride should be treated equally.

In the show the brides carry on traditions like kanyadaan, asking their parents to give them to each other. So, the same ritual was played by the bride and groom. (how cool is that!)

the big day Aman Kapoor-Divya Khandelwal from The Big Day Series. (Photo: Netflix / Instagram)

In the second episode, the bride Ami Pandya and Pallavi Bishnoi take responsibility for their respective weddings. During the episode, Ami says that our lives should not be premarital, married and post marriage, and you cannot agree more than that.

the big day Ami Pandya and Nitin Zacharias from The Big Day Series. (Photo: Netflix / Instagram)

Meanwhile, Pallavi objected to the bio-degradable set and selected a priest who would explain the seven vows in English to both bride and groom. She questions why a penis is considered superior when it comes to marriage, and refuses to be part of all rituals that cannot be changed by the groom’s end. We also see him walking down the aisle, rushed by his parents.

Last but not least was the characterization of same-sex couples Tiron Braganza and Daniel Bauer. From wedding decorations to finding a place to marry, everything was a struggle for Tyrone and Daniel. The two also opened up their coming-of-age stories, and for the longest time they had to fight the conservative thinking of their parents.

the big day Tyron Braganza and Daniel Bauer from The Big Day. (Photo: Netflix / Instagram)

Therefore, The Big Day had the biggest to do with the way today’s couples are refusing the rules of a traditional Indian wedding, but most of it got subdued under the clumsy and bling factor. Pocket friendly version of the show is expected here!

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