Big Bull Film Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Soham Shah, Ileana Dikruz, Saurabh Shukla, Ram Kapoor, Sameer Soni, Nikita Dutt, Mahesh Manjrekar, Supriya Pathak Kapoor
Big Bull Film Director: Kuki Gulati
Big Bull Film Rating: 1.5 stars

The first line in the disclaimer goes like this: “This film is somewhat inspired by true events and is more of a fictional piece of work …” What does ‘something’ mean? And what about ‘more’? Either it is a fictional story inspired by true events, a standard procedure for most Bollywood biopics, or it is a fictional masterpiece. It can’t be both, can it be? Or is it just a piece of slut writing that affects the entire The Big Bull?

Only a few months ago, Hansal Mehta’s brilliant recreation of Harshad Mehta’s story caught the first proponent, with Prateik Gandhi doing a brilliant job of getting into the skin of a stockbroker-scamster for whom Indians were the most memorable bulls. market. In movies, as in life, time is everything: the Big Bull scam has taken off badly compared to 1992, a mix of abhorrence and melodrama, both in tenor and tone.

Right from the beginning, authenticity is an issue. Why is the main character of Abhishek Bachchan in the name of Swarg, who keeps repeating that he is ‘One and Only Big Bull’, called Hemant Shah and not Harshad Mehta? After this, it is open season. Sucheta Dalal’s character is Meera Rao (Ileana D’Cruz). And Ram Jethmalani is transformed into Ashok Mirchandani (Ram Kapoor). Why can the series independently name us, and not the film?

It is not just Hemant Shah, who is influenced by the Big Bull line. Meera Rao, the journalist who keeps an eye on Shah’s sheenigans and breaks the biggest story of her career, is also made to repeat this phrase. I was entertained by Nude Room in Scam 1992, it’s impossible to get a real experience of the newsflower until you’re in one (just about the one that’s right for it; Allan Pakula’s All the President’s Men); But here it is a complete victory. When Rao’s editor told him in reference to the cooking incidents on Dalal Street, ‘Something is happening here. I’m the editor in chief ‘, I collapsed. You show me an editor who speaks this way, and I’ll show you a blue sun. And Dalal’s partner, Debashish Basu, who was instrumental to the story, is completely erased from the film. Why?

Shah’s early life, which includes a romance with a beautiful girl (Nikita Dutt) who lives in the same chawl, is clearly a prologue to her astonishing rise and rise: while dizzy, she touches Midas. Was the man with, and every share he turned to gold. But if you are looking for an adequate description of his journey, it will certainly include those who have shared it most closely, you will not find it here. Important events are dealt with briefly, and the most important people in Shah’s life, Mother (Supriya Pathak Kapoor), look at the younger brother (Soham Shah) as if they are just there to make her happy. These are good actors, but they cannot rise above lazy writing.

Bachchan looked the part, with his thin back hair, fat rings, comfortable belly. His patent falls into places of sincerity, but like the rest of the film, his Hemant / Harshad lacks conviction: bursting into loud, exaggerated laughter bouts, which his character does more than once, quite a lot Does not make the cut.

By Jothi Prakash

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