The Best Webcam Covers To Protect Your Privacy in 2021

Computer privacy is serious business, especially since hacking attempts can control your built-in webcam and even turn it on without your permission. This is a fairly common strategy for ransomware and other malware, and webcams on your desktop or laptop typically do not have a physical cover to help protect against these things. Phone and tablet cameras may be equally at risk.

A great solution to that problem is a small webcam cover that can physically block your camera lens and then allow you to expose it when needed for a video chat (when you want something for extra security Use trusted antivirus software). But quality and compatibility are very important for these covers, which is why we are choosing the best covers, starting with the best Simkies pack.

Note: These covers do not work on pop-up webcams – but then, a pop-up cam removes the problem on its own. You can also check out our favorite external webcams, which usually come with their own built-in cover options.

Cimkiz WB01 and WB02-2 cover six-pack

These small covers feature a particularly durable adhesive that is still designed to peel off when necessary, but holds a strong bond for a long time and is designed for desktops, laptops, phones, and more has gone. We also really like that the pack comes with two different color options, black and silver, to better match different types of computer models. They are also quite thin for the cover, only 0.027 inches thick, which allows the laptop to shut down completely without any problems.

Trobing Webcam Cover Six-Pack

We especially like this matte trobing cover for one reason: It comes with a minimum of small furrows in the slider that allow for easy grip. So many webcam covers omit this important step and are therefore difficult to close unless you have strong fingers – and this, in turn, increases the likelihood of accidentally peeling the cover. Trobing fixes this problem by making it easier to generate a little friction. Although it is not as thin as our top pick, the covers are only 0.03 inches thick, so they should not match the way you use them on which device.

Target spy guard

If durability is your primary concern, then this Targus cover is designed for extra solid, reliable protection. It also has a unique design that makes it very easy to operate without fear of accidentally tearing the cover or reopening it without your noticing. The cover comes in one-pack, three-pack and 10-pack. The three-pack model has three different colors so that you can mix and match depending on the color of your device. At 0.05 inches, it’s not particularly thin, but it’s still a great pick if you’re more interested in tough protection.

Cuckoo Webcam Cover Six-Pack

If time is important to your office, check out Cuckoo’s Superthin Six-Pack. Cuckoo’s design may be basic, but it checks all the required boxes. At only .028 inches, they are the same thickness as our top pick, so they are very non-intrusive. These covers are also compatible with laptops (including MacBooks), tablets, etc. However, they are not recommended for use on the phone.

Supecase Webcam Cover Six-Pack

Supecase covers are not as subtle as some of their competitors, but they are highly functional and have the advantage of being available in two different sizes. Perhaps you are not sure what size webcam cover you need for your particular webcam. In that case, SupeCase has you covered by supplying two sizes (max and small) to ensure that you will get the right one for your device. These covers are expected to be compatible with most laptops, smartphones, desktops and more. They are very thin, about 0.02 in (o.5 mm), so they should not get in the way of turning off some devices.

camJAMR online privacy stickers

Privacy stickers are the best option if you do not want to mess with the complexity of applying a sliding cover. You can find them in many sizes and designs, and you can place them on your webcam for long-term protection.

But don’t worry – the adhesive in camJAMR stickers lets you stick and unstick hundreds of times, so that you can easily remove the stickers when you want to use your camera. Also, the stickers have a handy pull tab that makes it easier to remove than you think. This special offer on Amazon comes with three packs of stickers for a total of 51 stickers of various sizes.

In general, if you use your camera too much, we would recommend looking at non-sticker options, but stickers are a great option if you last longer without using your device’s camera.

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