The best TV shows for kids

The best TV shows for kids

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Blue is the best. Best of all time


Dear fellow parents, I would like to start by saying what we are all thinking: having children worst.

Connecting with them, talking to them, making them focus on anything for a second. Sometimes – and I’m not judging – you just need to sit in front of the TV so that you can find somewhere safe to cry.

But choosing something to watch for your children is challenging. There is just that out there! Here is a list of TV shows for children that I think are the best. The following list is mostly a personal choice. But I have tried to add the show that …

  • I know that my children enjoy.
  • is some Educational value.
  • It is not frightening for adults to consume.

Happy watching!

Children 0 and older


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This Australian classic is worth watching for children and parents alike.


If you live in Australia and have children, then you must have heard about bluffy. If you are in the US, please hop on Disney Plus and try it out.

Blue is a short series, a seven minute show featuring a blue healer puppy called Blue and his family. Why is Bluey so good? It is difficult to explain. This is true, heart warming and will be true with both children and parents. My kids are obsessed with the show and every time I sit down to watch, I find myself strangely engrossed. Some episodes have almost reduced my tears!

Simple, delicate and just perfectly put together. It makes me want to be a better parent.

Puffin rock


Puffins and the Irish Coast – What’s it not like?


Produced by Tom Moore, the man behind the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea, Puffin Rock is a show about two Puffins living off the coast of Ireland and is fascinating. Probably the most nutritious show on this list. Your children will learn life lessons, Irish wildlife and maybe stop arguing with each other for at least five minutes.



I hate this guy.


I am putting Booba fiercely on this list. Mainly because my youngest child sees it immensely, loves it and constantly asks to see it. It is very fluffy and very silly, but it is also harmless fun.

Children 4 years of age and older

Wild crate


Do you have children in animals?


Each child goes through the “Super in Animals and Wildlife” phase. The wild crate is perfect for those children. Follow the crates as they attempt to save the animals under threat. Seriously, this is one of the best disguised educational shows out there.

Dinosaur train


It is dino-mite.


The dinosaur train talks of wild crates to teach children to entertain them. This time the focus is of dinosaurs, not surprisingly. Which is good news because children of all ages love dinosaurs. Also good news: This is a well-produced TV show and your kids will love it. Bad news: The theme song is an earbud. Seriously, mute that thing.

Space jungle

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Unconventional? Sure. Entertaining? Undoubtedly.


When I was not looking, my children started the hell out of the space jungle. It is a Korean slapstick show on Netflix with zero dialogue about the small space creatures that have landed on Earth. This is a weird augmented reality look of it, with cartoon-style CGI layered on top of real-life videos. This… is definitely something.


Octave-0. Png

Think ‘Thundercats’ under the sea.


The Octonats, like the Wild Crats, are one of the fully produced educational shows. It focuses on an ocean and showcases itself as those old school ‘squad’ shows. Think ‘Thundercats’ under the sea. There is also a big Star Trek tribute talk going on, which is great. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this show.

Children 7 years of age and older

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom

gotta go fast.

cartoon Network

There are some sonic cartoons available to watch on Netflix and ranging from “so bad it’s an internet meme” to “what the hell, the show has no rights.” Sonic Boom “What the hell, this show has no right to be this good”. Simply super sharp writing that will appeal to children and adults.

Strange squad




Odd Squad is a live action show that parodies the naked gun-style police process and uses it to … teach mathematics?

It is superb and surprisingly well acted by its cast of children. Your children are in safe hands watching it.

Ask storyboats


Have you got any burning questions for storyboats to ask?


Netflix has done an amazing job with its children’s content, but Ask the Storyboats may be the best of the bunch. Like Sesame Street with robots, each storyboat episode features “How do massive airplanes fly?” Or “How do computers work?” This is good

Children 9 years of age and older

Avatar The Last Airbender


Even if you do not have children, look for one.


Avatar: The Last Airbender is currently on Netflix and is a complete masterpiece. Set in a world where humans are divided into tribes based on elements, we follow Aang, a young ‘avatar’ who can control all elements and is destined to bring balance to all tribes. Even if you do not have children, look for one. Warning: I tried this with my six-year-old child and he loved it, but got a bit hyper after watching it. I think this is the best 9 year olds and above pitch.

She-Ra and Princess of Power


Despite the fact that it is targeted at young girls, it is also a great show for boys.


This reboot of the old 80s series is honestly unbelievable. I was watching this show long after my children had gone to sleep. It is fun, fast and indeed very good in terms of representation across every possible spectrum. I have two (sizzling) boys and they loved it. In fact, despite the fact that it is aimed at young girls, it is also a great show for boys.

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbaits


A show about resilience and the power of friendship.


Kipo and Age of Wonderbaits fall into the category of shows that are great for children, but only for adults. Set in a universe where strange animals dominate while humans live underground, this is a show about great resilience and the power of friendship. Common, good topics. It is one of the best kids on Netflix.

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