The Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans for 2021

Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans for 2021: Just as one shoe size may not fit everyone, no single cell phone plan will suit every small company. But many high-quality schemes are worth considering as they try to meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses. To compromise on the best cell phone plan for your business, you first want to determine what kind of plan suits your company the most.

Business owners typically pay for employee cell phones or plans or both and when workers spend at least some part of their time on site. With employees, you may want to track hours and data. In that case, a particular business cell phone plan may be optimal to streamline operation and collaboration. Today, more American businesses are adjusting work-at-home schedules that avoid meetings and travel. Still, they note that quarantine and shelter-in-place orders will not last forever, so taking the entire spectrum of your business activities is a good idea. Accounting.

How to choose a plan

There are many factors to reflect when choosing a cell phone plan for your small company. Here are some key issues to consider.

Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans for 2021
Best Small Business Cell Phone Plans for 2021

Business Design: Is your proposed plan designed for businesses and business customers? Suppose you are a solopreneur or a very small company with only a handful of employees. In that case, you can get away with a personal friend-and-family-type plan instead of a collaborative business plan. But once you have more than one employee, start thinking big about scalabilities, such as multiple lines, unlimited options on talk, text, and data, data plans for companies that only need talk or text No, and discounts more lines or equipment.

Network coverage: Consider sound quality, data speed, coverage, and overall dependency. Ensure that the plan you choose has good coverage in the area where your employees are located or travelling. If your employees travel internationally, choose from plans that have good rates for target countries. Also, don’t forget about airline coverage and in-flight texting services.

Security: Some cell phone business plans provide virtual private networks, encryption, and other features to protect your company’s data. This can be quite valuable, as it relieves you from doing research, choosing and paying for additional services.

Hardware: If you need to supply handsets to employees, consider the type of phone offered with those plans, or employees prefer to use their smartphones.

Hot Spot: wifi is not only usable in some business environments, but you can also use cell phone signals to connect wireless devices to the Internet with a mobile hotspot. For multiple device connections, look for a fast, stable, secure connection and a dedicated hotspot for other services such as call forwarding, voicemail, call hold, analytics, and call queuing.

Data: Business plans should be generous with data, but unlimited is best – unless you need data to conduct business.

Customer service: Trust the problems that arise, and when they do, you or your employees will want to call someone and customers before they become restless.

Price: Price is always a factor, and sometimes the cheapest plans offer the service and features you are looking for. But for something as important as your business communication, don’t buy at a price alone.

Just in case you too are looking for the best all-around mobile cellular deals, take a look at our survey of the best cell phone plans of 2020 and our report on the best-prepaid cell phone plans. Meanwhile, below are some business-oriented plans available.

Big four basics



AT&T offers several variants of its mobility rate plans – Mobile Share Plus, Mobile Select Priority Pulled, and Business Unlimited Elite, as well as a variety of $ 50, $ 55, and $ 85 per month per line in your budget. Provides. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Elite Plan provides unlimited data, talk and text across ten devices. The pooled scheme gives employees a data allowance with pooled data in a single account. The Plus plan lets you share data across ten or up to 25 business devices. All plans include unlimited domestic conversations and lessons, unlimited talks from the US to Mexico and Canada, and unlimited texts with high-definition video streaming in more than 120 countries in the US. Elite and pooled plans also include 5G. Data speeds can slow down congestion with the last few data points.

Verizon is

Verizon Storefront
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Verizon prepares Business, Business Unlimited, New Verizon Plan and Flexible Business Plan plans, especially for smaller companies. Business plans start at $ 175 per month for $ 25 per month, with data plans ranging from 25GB to 200GB for different prices and topping out at $ 1,000 per month. All plans include carryover data from Mexico and Canada, security mode, calling and using your device in Mexico and Canada, and a data boost of $ 15 per 15GB. With all business plans, you can turn your device into an internet hotspot and send unlimited messages to more than 200 countries around the world. The additional smartphone costs $ 15 a month.


Sprint is reorganizing its small business offerings in the wake of its merger with T-Mobile. Today, its small business and cell phone and data plans feature a simple interactive menu that offers $ 200 and $ 300 per month for five lines, and unlimited plus for 11 lines, respectively, for its familiar offerings of unlimited original and unlimited premiums. It starts at over $ 300 per month. The basic per line cost is $ 20 per month for smartphones only, while the premium is $ 30 per month covering smartphones only. Basic includes DVD-quality video streaming and a 500MB mobile hotspot. The premium 5G phone is capable and features HD streaming, a 100GB LTE mobile hotspot, unlimited data, talk and text, secure wifi, global roaming in over 200 destinations, unlimited usage in Mexico and Canada and more. The Unlimited Plus plan is targeted at a minimum of 11 lines for $ 24.55 per month with a 50GB hotspot.

T Mobile

Simple Business Options by T Mobile Up to five lines cost $ 50 per line to $ 110 per month. You can add up to $ 10 per line per month for 6 to 12 lines and up to 2 GB of 4G LTE data. You can call and text from any wifi connection, as your unused LTE data (up to 20 GB) keeps up to 12 months ahead. The plan features unlimited calling and texting from Mexico and Canada, plus you get 5GB of data at 4G LTE speeds. If you are looking for a more streamlined option, T-Mobile Essential costs $ 30 per line per month for just four lines. It offers unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data, unlimited talk, text, 2G data in Mexico and Canada and unlimited texting and flat-rate calling at a rate of 20 cents per minute in more than 210 countries. The additional 10GB high-speed 4G LTE mobile hotspot data will cost you $ 10 a month. Magenta for Business Plan is available for a more robust plan for two, four, eight and 12 lines for $ 60, $ 40, and $ 30 per month per line, respectively. It includes 5G service, 3GB 4G LTE hotspot data, unlimited 3G data, in-flight texting and data, unlimited data and texting in more than 210 countries, and unlimited talk, text and data in Canada and Mexico. The included digit program eliminates the need for separate work and personal phones, allowing you to access up to five numbers on one device and use one number across multiple devices.


RingCentral is an office-centric VoIP system that provides unlimited calling and conferencing toll-free numbers and a customizable call ID. You can also get additional functionality, such as texting, online meetings, and faxing. With RingCentral, incoming calls go through the same call-routing system as your office phone. This means that you can call, text and fax from your business number on any mobile device. It reaches 1000 from two users and offers mandatory, standard, premium, and final free trials for $ 20, $ 25, $ 35, and $ 50 each.

Cricket wireless

Cricket Wireless is a top-rated prepaid wireless service that costs anywhere from $ 30 to $ 60 per month. You can optimize your plan greatly, starting with the basic foundation of a talk and lesson plan without data. From there, you can add data (2GB, 5GB, or unlimited), unlimited talk and text, picture messaging, a mobile hotspot and SD quality video streaming. If you need international coverage, you can add unlimited text, HD voice and wifi calling in 37 countries – Canada and Mexico from compatible phones in the list of options. Data plans of 20GB and 40GB are available at $ 35 and $ 50 per month, respectively, with Mix only using Mexico and Canada.

Republic wireless

Republic wireless If your business uses wifi, this is an excellent option, so you don’t need an entire phone network so that it acts as a virtual network. When wifi is unavailable, the vendor relies on T-Mobile and Sprint networks. The Aadhaar plan is incredibly inexpensive, starting at $ 15 a month or $ 150 per year for unlimited talks and lessons. At this stage, Republic Wireless charges up to 15 gigabytes at $ 5 per data, up to 15GB.

But if you accidentally use too much data, don’t worry about carrying cleaner — the republic disables the data before you go to your allocation. You do not have to worry about charging overage fees once the data is automatically cut when you reach your limit. With the Republic Wireless data plan, you can also convert your smartphone into a hotspot.

A convenient perk is that you can use Republic’s Extend Home service to connect your cell phone to your home phone. This means that if you do not keep your cell phone, you can use your home phone, even access your cell phone contacts from your home phone.

Mobile Share Plus

Mobile Share Plus plan prices begin at $50 per month for each line, and you can avail anything from 3GB to 120GB of data without any overage fees if you go over the limit of data. Keep in mind that the plan data is shared between all devices on the plan, and AT&T will reduce your speed to only 128 kbps if you surpass the data limit. However, at least you don’t be charged additional charges to use your plan.

AT&T business plans

AT&T business plans also can accommodate as many as 10- lines per account, and they come equipped with extras, such as Stream Saver. This feature can optimize streaming video from your smartphone to 480p, allowing you to enjoy webinars while on the go without having to deal with blurry pictures.

Every plan also comes with a wide selection options iOS and Android smartphones and even a few great flip phones.15% discount for military veterans can be applied to Business Unlimited plans and AT&T-owned DIRECTV services (because it’s a telecom giant).


Are you not sure what exactly you’ll require in the form of a mobile plan other than future-proofing? T-Mobile is the third-largest wireless provider in the US provides 4 Magenta(r) for Business plans, each with distinct features that make T-Mobile above the rest. This German-owned company also established an enviable reputation for outstanding customer support and is the first company to stop monthly contracts (an idea that remained in place–none of the plans on this page requires contracts). In April of 2018, the company made its plans to merge with Sprint and T-Mobile under the T-Mobile brand name.

Every one of T-Mobile’s Magenta for Business cell phone plans provides the same features as their basic plans:

  • Visual voicemail
  • One hour of wifi in-flight and unlimited texting in-flight (on the airlines that are supported)
  • 3GB of 4G LTE hotspot data, as well as Unlimited 3G hotspot data
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data within the US, Canada, and Mexico (5 GB limit on data 4G LTE)
  • Unlimited texting and basic data access in over 210 nations and $0.25/minute calling within these countries

Additionally, every T-Mobile Magenta for the Business plan includes DIGITS, enabling you to access up to five telephone numbers on one device. You can therefore answer calls made to your company phone number and your number from one device. You are no more lugging two phones around every day. DIGITS also allows you to give your number to different devices, which means you can answer calls on your smartwatch, phone, tablet or computer.

T-Mobile customers who have Magenta for Business can also get the PlusUp add-on and receive additional features.  Voicemail to Text HD streaming, 20GB of LTE 4G mobile hotspot data, Unlimited wifi in-flight Caller ID and more data speeds when travelling internationally.

Be aware; however, the T-Mobile Magenta for the Business plan is indeed only available on plans that have 2 to 13 lines. If you require additional than thirteen lines, it is necessary to enrol for the plan 13+ ($285 monthly for 13 lines with a $25 charge monthly for any extra line).

T-Mobile plans also allow bring-your-own-device convenience, or you can buy phones upfront with a single payment (there are nearly 40 iOS and Android phones to choose from).

Business cell phone plans

Business cell phone plans are usually in the $15.00 to $30.00 per month range, while a complete business cell phone package could cost as much as 60 dollars or more! The best carrier for small businesses who want smartphones with low prices and great data coverage is Republic Wireless – they’ve got some amazing deals on their phones too. Still, Verizon offers better features, so you will be able to use it anywhere without interruption, even if outside your home/office wifi zone. Who else might interest our readers? AT & T comes second because its service covers most areas with signal strength, whereas XFINITY MOBILE only works inside homes.


Ooma is another popular VoIP cell phone service for small businesses and remote teams. With unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada, and other select areas worldwide (more on that later), it comes with a free business number, so there are no contracts to sign up for! Plus, you can manage your calls from anywhere using their mobile app – convert personal time into productive work by having an automated virtual receptionist who responds promptly 24/7 without being distracted by email or social media notifications while remaining connected at all times; set up groups of people who will be getting messages about certain topics through text message only if necessary because these “ERSON” Groups allow OOMA users flexible ways to communicate outside office hours.

With business phone and messaging, Verizon Business Unlimited is the way to go. But if you’re looking for something more minimalistic with low costs, then RingCentral could be perfect, or even Barebones operations might want to take a look elsewhere because we got our top VoIP choice which starts at just $19.99/mo., Telerik.

Powerful tools that make managing your office easier than ever before for many small businesses like yours today there’s no question about where they should start when getting connected-it has become essential not only in staying competitive but also retaining customers by providing improved service. While reducing expenses through automation!

When you need a business phone service, some things should be considered. For example: adding your landline or mobile number to WordPress is not the best option for several reasons- firstly, it will make customers think less of your company because they can see who calls in without looking professional; furthermore, if anything were important enough where someone needs response right away then this wouldn’t work well with having a un personalized number like yours being broadcasted across social media platforms and other sites online (like LinkedIn). This also means any incoming call won’t go straight into voicemail but bounce back onto their line, which could create even more confusion on top.

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