The Best Samsung Galaxy A50 Cases and Covers

While primarily known for its flagship phones, Samsung is no stranger to the low-priced market, placing many great phones in many different price brackets. At $ 350, the Samsung Galaxy A50 is Samsung’s flagship budget / mid-range offer, with good performance, a great AMOLED display, and a triple-lens rear camera system. Although it is cheap, it is not worth the expense, so if you want to make sure it is permanent, you need to preserve it. Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy A50 cases.

Poetry Carbon Shield Case

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a fairly large device with a 6.4-inch display. While some cases are associated with bulkiness and extra weight, the Poetic Carbon Shield does a great job of keeping your phone slim and protected. Made with a flexible TPU material, the case is form-fitting and wraps comfortably around the A50. Although minimalist, the Carbon Shield provides excellent durability for your phone, meets military-grade standards and elevates the entire edges. A splash of carbon fiber-like backing makes the case look and feel premium.

Supercase Unicorn Beetle Royal Case

The Royal Series case is the perfect blend of luxury and ruggedness – two words that are not usually described in the same sentence. Supex’s take on premium-accessory access comes as the latest case of the Galaxy A50. It features the brand’s signature dual-layered design, built-in screen protector and bronze leather backing. Although it is not authentic leather, the material looks and feels like the real deal. If you want to be extra secure when handling your phone, it also includes a wrist strap. Overall, the Royal series definitely lives up to its name and it will protect your device from scratches, scratches and drops at the same time.

Spigen liquid crystal

The Galaxy A50 is a beautiful phone, so you don’t have to hide it if you don’t want to. The liquid crystal clear case of Spigen provides good protection without hiding your style. It is made up of tough but lightweight TPUs that add shock-absorbing and anti-slip properties to your phone, while also being perfectly clear. The inside of the case is blur-proof, and the raised edges make sure your screen is protected when it is encountered. While it will not be as strong in terms of ruggedness, the build quality of the spigen is solid, making the liquid crystal an excellent case for general use.

Ringke fusion-x

Want a clear case that leans more towards conservation? Ringke’s Fusion-X series is a veteran of the market, and it brings all the experience to experience here. The hard polycarbonate builds on the back of the case, and provides solid protection against scratches, while the softer TPU prevents shocks from bumper impacts and drops. It has been tested to military standards for drops up to four feet (1.2 m), while ridges along the outer bumper also help to promote grip. On the minus side, it is attractively described as “unique”, and may not be for everyone. However, with excellent security and even a lanyard attachment point, this is a great case for the price.

VRS Design Damda Shield

A case should not just be protective, it can also add some new features. Wallet cases are great, but not everyone likes the all-encompassing design of the folding wallet case. The Damda Shield of VRS Designs exists for those people. It is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate that protects against a wide variety of hazards – but the real headline feature is found around the back. On looking at the storage section on the card, you find that you have to collide a bit on the back side. Just slide the compartment cover back and you have room for two credit cards and some extra cash. It is not the largest wallet case, but it is convenient and protective.

VRS Design

UAG Scout Series

UAG cases are usually very loud where style is concerned, so Scout’s understandable design is a real breath of fresh air. It is light and thin and does not add a lot of volume to your phone, but still manages to be extremely protective thanks to the impact resistant soft core that helps ward off shocks and drops. In fact, it meets military drop standards. It is wrapped in a nonslip cover so you can have a firm grip on it, and there is a raised bezel around the outside of the screen and camera lens that helps prevent scratches or dirt. It is extremely solid without adding weight or thickness – and it is not a bad price either.

Otterbox Defender Series

If you want security and don’t care about anything else, then the Outerbox is always a good start. Otterbox Defender is another industry veteran and there is good reason for that. It uses multiple layers of material to provide a strong defense, and the rigid outer cover is covered with a slipover to promote grip. There is a raised edge to protect the screen and camera, while the cover for each port ensures that none of them go into unsafe areas. It even comes with an optional holster with belt clip and hands-free kickstand. On the minus side, it is more expensive than other cases and is heavier, but it is worth it if you want protection.


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