The Best New Workout Clothes For 2021

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Yes, exercise is good for your health, creates endorphins that make you feel zipper, etc. But for some of us (myself included), exercise also provides a tempting opportunity to source and an extra range of cute clothes Wears. Scrolling through e-com sites and filling virtual cars with leggings and sports bras that I may or may not buy is fun. I feel relieved in it. And when I finally decide on the right piece to click on, I feel primed to workout. I’m more motivated to get sweaty when I like what I’m wearing – and this feeling is not unique to me

A study published in 2012 Journal of Experimental Social Psychology It was found that clothing can affect behavior because it carries symbolic meaning. Sports psychologist dr. Jonathan Father said, “When you put in new fitness gear, you start playing the role of an actor, like wearing a costume for a performance.” Shape. “As a result, you expect better performance, which makes you mentally prepared for the task.”

If you’re in the market for new workout gear, there are a plethora of new leggings, sports bras and accessories hitting the virtual shelves this month. Nordstrom Canada has launched a microsite dedicated to its wellness offerings, including gear from Patagonia, Girlfriend Collective (like its high-class sports bra) and Arctrix, Canada. Zoe Fresh debuted her Project Self Campaign, dedicated to prioritizing herself and winning a little wellness, with a vibrant new spring collection (see Sasha Exeter model for outfit inspection).

American digital-only retailer Pretty Little Thing has entered the Canadian market, which means the Karucache Tran’s 62-piece collection of neutral-toned workout and workout-sedentary clothing is now available to ship in Canada. For pre- and post-workout chills, JW is exclusively available at Net-a-Porter on Anderson’s fashion-minded athletic.

We will remember not to mention the Canadian brands Lululemon, whose wildly popular aligned leggings (the softest I’ve ever worn) are now available up to size 20, and Mixie, who recently released a Velvet Workout Set that suits your Moves the body looks a lot more attractive during the winter months.

Click through the slideshow below to see our pics of the best new workout clothing of 2021.

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