The best must-have accessories for your new laptop

The best must-have accessories for your new laptop

This holiday season saw some downright irreversible deals on laptops – in early November, retailers slashed prices on laptops from Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Acer and more. We also saw some discounts on the MacBook. If you jumped on one of those sales and brought home a new laptop to kick off 2021 properly, you’re not at all. There are all kinds of accessories that you may need to complete your new portable PC experience.

Whether you use your laptop at home for work or school, take it to the office, or plan to get it with a plane for a day, after the world returns to normal, a lot of gadgets and accessories Something that will make you laptop better. Many modern laptops lack a port, so a multi-port USB hub may be just the ticket to make you more productive. A slide-out second monitor can add the screen estate required for multitasking. And armed with the right laptop stand, you can turn any desk into a standing desk on demand for better ergonomics. Read on for seven essential add-ons for your laptop.


There are a million wireless mice out there, but my hand-me-down favorite is Microsoft’s Arc Mouse, which makes it flat for travel and naps in a curve when you want to get down to work. It is available in about 10 different colors.


If your laptop is a little small on the ports, the Kingston 7-in-1 Hub can help you get up and running. It also has a 4K monitor with USB-A, USB-C, SD and micro-SD card slots and a 4K monitor.


Almost without exception, the web camera built into modern laptops is very anemic. Bypass it completely with Logitech HD Pro C920x. In addition to the improved 1,080-pixel video, it has dual microphones that can filter out background noise during web conference calls.


This can be a valuable accessory, but if you need more screen space, it is worth it. This portable monitor expands your desktop with a 12.5-inch IPS panel that slides over the rails from the top of the laptop’s lid. Compatible with PCs, Macs, and even Chromebooks, it is more convenient than a second display that you need to carry with you.


You can spend a lot of money at a standing desk, or get this $ 155 wooden “vertical lift” with a pair of adjustable shelves. You can read more about RediDesk 2 in the best standing desk converters for 2021.


Don’t think your new laptop is equipped for gaming? This is the thinking 2019. As long as your laptop has Wi-Fi with a decent broadband connection, you can play a huge library of games on it without the need to use one kilobyte of storage space for game installation. Stadia streams games to your laptop (and phones and TVs) and can become the future of gaming.

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If you do not have a bag or backpack for your laptop, you are not ready to take it out. There are a million laptop bags out there, but CNET named the icon the best all-around laptop bag for 2021. It has a large capacity, is well padded and is made from an abrasive and water resistant material called Vulnex. There is room for tablets up to 15.6 inches, plus it has a cable pass-through charge to keep all your devices on the go.

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