The Best Keyboards for the iPhone

The iPhone’s built-in keyboard may not be everyone’s cup of tea – it gets a limited amount of GIFs, autocomplete can be hit-or-miss, and you can adjust the size of the key to accommodate larger and smaller iPhone models. Can not change. Even with the release of iOS 14, the only benefit that comes with the latest software update is the ability to search for emojis – nothing else.

Meanwhile, Android phone owners have been enjoying some of the best third-party Android keyboard apps for some time. For millions of years, Swype, SwiftKey, Fleksy, and more served as the default keyboard in millions of Android smartphones, while iPhone owners clearly looked on. Since June 2014, iPhone owners have been madly downloading an optional iOS keyboard. Here are our pics for the best keyboard for the iPhone.

Similar Keyboard (free)

Also spaces from other third-party keyboard applications themselves (for punishment) with their unique take on critical shapes. The application maintains the QWERTY design, but switches traditional rectangle-shaped keys for hexagonal ones – which typewise claims create more surface area so you can type more accurately. While there is little learning curve, typing involves a built-in game to practice typing. With swipe gestures, dark mode support, and autocart modifications, this is a great option for those who are tired of the traditional iOS keyboard.


Grammar (free)

The key feature of the grammar’s iOS keyboard app offering is a review of sophisticated grammar that goes beyond the usual spelling checks to advise you on punctuation, check spelling normally, check references, and uncover misused words is. It can also help you build your vocabulary and offer synonyms, making it an ideal app for students or business people. The grammar also has emojis, a smart autocorrect feature, and allows you to create your own dictionary.


Phrase Keyboard ($ 1.99)

The purpose of Phraseboard is that you can take the pain out of the tedious task of typing the same responses by allowing them to save, so you can select one of your pre-written answers to answer faster. You can create your own customized phrases and sort them by category. Whatever you are doing with your iPhone, you can quickly use the phrase keyboard widget to create new phrases. Don’t worry about reinstalling this keyboard because all your phrases sync with iCloud.


Gboard (free)

Gboard is a Google keyboard for your iPhone. The keyboard includes everything you ever want in an app. Whether you are sending GIFs or emojis, searching through Google for information, sending directions or something else, Gboard has you covered. With Gboard, you can search and send anything from Google, including nearby restaurants, videos, pictures, weather forecasts, news, sports scores, and more. The app also adds glide typing, which allows you to type messages faster and more accurately.


Microsoft SwiftKey (free)

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for iOS is a smart keyboard that learns from you, the way you type and picks up your favorite emojis and slang. It’s loaded with a variety of features, making it even easier, including multilingual support, countless emoji, and fast swipe typing with SwiftKey Flow. With the application, you can type less, more accurately and in your language. SwiftK provides support for more than 150 languages, including four versions of English, two types of Portuguese, Italian, German, four types of French, and three types of Spanish. You can also customize the look and layout of your keyboard.


Flexi (free)

Flexi provides a fun and interactive way for users to type in their own style. You can customize your Flexi keyboard with powerful extensions and over 50 colorful themes. Some themes cost $ 1, but many are free. More than 800 emoji come with apps, and also have their own built-in GIF search engine. The keyboard supports 42 languages ​​including English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, Dutch. It learns your typing habits, as you go, it enables you to make accurate predictions, which helps cut down on typos.


GO Keyboard (free)

Go keyboard provides next word prediction, swipe typing, emojis and stickers. This keyboard is very customizable, with lots of themes, custom backgrounds, and even major tones and fonts. The free version supports more than 40 languages. If you opt for a membership, you can go ad-free and get a wider choice of themes and stickers, but it is very expensive at $ 20 each month. If you are in a country where you need a keyboard in anything other than English or Spanish, especially if you need difficult foreign languages ​​like Thai, Urdu and Lithuanian, this is the keyboard you want most. Are definitely want to try out.


Color keyboard (free)

The king of keyboard customization is the color keyboard. Sure, it gives you emojis, autocorrelation, and even allows you to tap and hold the space bar to be able to move the cursor, but that really sets this keyboard Is the option to change anything you want about the look of the keyboard. You can change the keyboard background using solid colors, gradients, textures and even your pictures. You can customize the buttons yourself by changing colors and borders, adding shadows, customizing fonts, and even changing the sounds. So if your objective is customization, the color keyboard takes things to the next level, but you have to subscribe to access everything and it is $ 6 a month expensive.


Bitmo ji (free)

Bitmoji is the perfect keyboard app for those who prefer to send illustrations of themselves rather than just texts. Bitmoji lets you create and send your own emoji directly from your keyboard. You can use it in Snapchat, iMessage or any of your favorite chat apps. You can easily create an expressive avatar and then choose from a growing library of moods and stickers, all of which use your avatar. In addition, if you are one of the millions with Bitstrips avatars, you can simply download the app, sign in using your Facebook account, and have quick access to your personal avatar and collection.


GIF Keyboard (free)

Not sure how to express yourself? Say it with a GIF. GIF Keyboard lets you search through millions of animated GIFs, some with music and some without. GIFs are divided into categories for those of you who do not have any special. Customize your keyboard with GIF that you like the most and create collections of your favorite GIFs. The app works with your favorite messenger and social networks including iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook. Just long-press on a GIF to share GIFs, videos, or links, or to drag options to save your camera roll.


Dig deeper into the emoji keyboard with our pics for the top emoji keyboards for iOS and Android. And if you want to do fun testing, here are our picks for the best texting games.

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