The Best iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) Cases and Covers

The iPad has been morphing into laptops for some time, but the new iPad Pro is the first tablet in Apple’s legendary range to actually get there. It’s an absolutely amazing piece of work, and means that the iPad Pro 12.9 is ultimately the laptop replacement Apple always wanted it to be – and even if you’re not a fan of the Magic Keyboard, there is a wealth of other iPad Pro keyboards to choose from. .

But if your new iPad Pro slips off the desk and ends up severely on the hardwood floor, it’s not a thing for all the world’s productivity features. If this happens on your iPad, you want it to come out with a handy protective case to keep it safe, and – more often than not – add an easy kickstand to turn your networks into the perfect Netflix machine . Here are some of the best iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) cases to put your iPad Pro in one piece.

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Oterbox Cemetery Series 360 Case

IPad Pro 12.9 photo in a Burgundy Outerbox Cemetery Series Folio Case

Otterbox is known for its high quality cases, and the Symmetry Series Folio Case lets you show off your iPad’s design while under severe protection. This slim TPU folio case features magnetic closure to activate sleep and wake modes and improved drop protection, which protects your iPad at home, at work, and at your commute. Its scratch-resistant design protects your iPad’s touchscreen, while the cover easily folds over multiple angles for hands-free Netflix binges. We opt for the rich burgundy color shown, but the case is also available in a black wired knight design or minimal gray color.

Poetry Lumos X Case

If you want to protect your Apple branded tea tray, but also want to show it, your options are somewhat limited. Thankfully, Poetic has stepped into a breach with Lumos X. It is made up of fully articulated TPUs that provide protection that allows the design of your iPad to shine. The flexible TPU has shock-absorbent properties with additional corner protection, and a dedicated Apple Pencil slot to securely hold the pencil during charges. The cover features a triangular design, allowing you to position your iPad at two different angles, and folds it to the iPad to protect your screen while it is still in use. It is not the most protective case around, and not the most feature-rich, but it does its job well, and is available at an excellent price. A good alternative to “stay at home” iPad Pro.

Apple Smart Folio Case

Apple’s Smart Folio may be a bit simplistic for most, but it is a classic for a reason. The Smart Folio is made from a single piece of polyurethane that extends around the front and back of your device, protecting it from various threats. The front cover is a tri-fold, so it can be used to hold your iPad Pro for video viewing, or at a low angle for easy typing using an on-screen keyboard. It will automatically let your iPad sleep when closed, and you can wake it up when you flip the cover back. As you expect from Apple, it’s made of high-quality content – but does it forgive the price? It is too expensive for what it is, and most people will likely avoid it for that reason. However, if you want a pure Apple experience, a smart folio is essential.

Braided Inflight Folio Case

There is nothing wrong with adding a slightly different style to your iPad Pro, and this is the drive on the back of the Laut’s Inflight Folio Case. The flecked fabric design is complemented with a faux leather trim, adding a new spin to the aluminum chic of your iPad. It is thin and looks good, but it should also prove durable for the polycarbonate case that holds your iPad. The front cover allows your iPad to rest in two positions, and also provides an automatic sleep / wake function. Unfortunately, it does not offer full protection on the sides or a dedicated enclosure for the Apple Pencil, but you can still charge your Pencil wirelessly. Stylish and elegant, this case really adds to the style of the iPad Pro.

Spigen Tough Armor Pro Case

Time to get the beef. If your iPad Pro is the most active, you’re probably looking for a case that’s stronger than the usual parade of folios. That’s exactly what Spigen’s Tough Armor Pro is. As is usual for Spigen, the Tough Armor Pro is highly protective and is made from the inner core of the TPU paired with a tough polycarbonate shell. This combination should prove to be highly effective against a range of damage, including knock and minor bumps. The rigid outer cover is equipped with a dual-position stand, and a dedicated dock to keep the Apple Pencil securely away. The rugged style can be somewhat off-putting, but if you want good protection at a great price, the Spigen is a good place to look.

Pad and quill oxford leather case

If a stylish case is your wish, look no further than Pad and Quill’s beautiful Oxford leather case. Each case is made from a single piece of American full-grain bridle leather, paired with an ultra-soft leather interior. It looks great, looks amazing, and should protect well from a wide variety of threats. The front cover has a stand built in, but if you really want to impress, you can pair it with one of Apple’s keyboard cases. Unlike most other cases, the Oxford leather case can be worn at the same time as Apple’s Magic Keyboard or Smart Keyboard Case, which fits beautifully on top of both, adding extra protection. While this is certainly an expensive option, and expect to at least double that price when paired with Apple’s keyboard. Nevertheless, for luxury, a better option is harder to obtain.

UAG Metropolis Series Case

If you love a folio, but need to wear something harder, then take a look at the Metropolis case of UAG. The UGO’s distinctive design is combined with a solid construction to create a folio case that protects your iPad Pro from many dangers. An impact-resistant soft core and a tough outer cover protect your iPad, and it is also lightweight, thanks to the use of UAG’s feather-light composites. The folio turns back to form a stand, has a loop for your Apple Pencil, and a one-touch finish ensures a firm grip on your device. This is definitely the more expensive side for a folio, but we are willing to pay for this good protection.

Targas Versavu Rotating Folio Case

The stands are great, but you don’t always want to read your iPad Pro in landscape condition. Sometimes, portraits are better, and that’s why the Versavu Folio of Targus has a rotating feature so you can turn on your iPad when needed. The front cover has several grooves for positioning, so you can rest it at an angle that suits you, and when you’re done, fold it to protect your screen from damage. The case that holds your iPad Pro is actually surprisingly protective and has been tested against drops to military standards, making it one of the more protective cases on this list. While it is certainly not cheap, the overall quality and flexibility of the case makes it a very good choice.

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