The best gifts to give teen boys in 2021

The best gifts to give teen boys in 2021

This is part of the story Holiday Gift Guide 2020, CNET’s Gifts picks up with expert advice, reviews and recommendations for the latest technological gifts for you and your family.

We think teenage boys, who are essentially stuck at home for the better part of a year, deserve something extra special for their birthday – or indeed for no special occasion. And, hey, if you let him absorb something, like a 5,000-piece Lego set or an arcade system loaded with 150 games, you probably won’t have a bug for snacks every few minutes.

Our picks for the best gifts for teenage boys are not all fun and games – you’ll also find practical products to consider, like laptop sleeves and quality jackets. This story is updated regularly.

urban Outfitters

Stylish dudes will love this sturdy Dickie’s work jacket for its 90s throwback appeal. And teenage boys who don’t care about style? Well, they still need a jacket. Either way, this awesome gift is a great idea. Available in black, charcoal, and navy.


Kodak’s pocket-sized projector is a good gift for a teenage boy who loves movies, TV shows, or video games (which all teenagers have a lot of.). The Luma 150 can project up to 150 inches on almost any surface. And there is a built-in speaker, so no additional equipment is required.

Booty crate

Whatever his interests, getting a loot crate in the mail is a fun gift idea for any teenager. Lut Crate is a subscription box of cool content (figurines, shirts, collectibles, and more) focused on a theme, such as anime, gaming, WWE, Star Wars, Marvel, Stranger Things and more. Just select his interest, select a plan (one-off gifts or recurring box) and pay. Your teenage boy will get a sweet box of gifts.


Chance basketball just looks cool and makes a great gift. We like the brand’s colorful designs and your teenage basketball player will love building the prospect. This ball has a great grip, a cushion touch and style for miles. This basketball makes a great gift for your athletic teenage boy and is available in sizes five, six and seven.

urban Outfitters

Baggy padded laptop sleeves are like a comfortable sleeping bag for your teenager’s computer. This unique gift is a good way to keep that laptop free from injury and scratches. And so many children are doing distance education, laptops are being used a lot these days. Baggy sleeves are made of 40% recycled nylon and come in both solid colors and fashionable prints; We are partial to smiley faces.

David Carnoy / CNET

By now your teenager may have AirPods for day to day listening. But what about music when he is working out? Give him a choice of comfortable, water-resistant headphones: Jabra’s Elite Active 75t. These genuine wireless headphones are at home with iPhones and Android phones alike, providing more than 7 hours of battery life between charges, while the included charging case provides another 21 hours. Even better, noise-canceling has come down to this wireless headphones option, thanks to a surprise software upgrade that was just made available. We love this in-year earbuds model because it is enough to use TeenAge, to sweat, and to cope with it all. This awesome gift is available in many colors, including Mint Green, Navy Blue and Sienna. Read our Jabra Elite Active 75t review.

Pottery juvenile

Anyone who knows teenagers knows that they like lying around. Especially now that they are homemakers due to a global epidemic. It is time to shine the bean bag chair! The skate brand Element has made its mark on this excellent gift, with a cargo pocket for reading material (or its Nintendo Switch) and a removable cover for easy cleaning.


Improve your teenage boy’s workouts with a cardio training bag. This gift idea for a teenage boy is a freestanding foam punch bag that he can use for boxing or cardio workouts. And even if parents want to take a swing – we all can yet use an outlet for a pandemic energy.


Ravensberger again with another high-quality board game. The latest addition to the villain series is a Marvel-themed board game version that is perfect for teens. For ages 12 and older, each player becomes a notorious Marvel villain: Thanos, Hela, Ultron, Taskmaster, or Kilmonger to face in this fast card game. With this great gift idea your teenager would really like to join Marvel Villainous: Family Game Night for Infinite Power.

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