The Best Games to Play After Finishing The Last of Us Part II

The last of us part ii A very heavy game, despite the fact that we called it a “masterpiece” in our review. The 25 or so hour gameplay rarely leaves you to breathe, but if you’re looking for a glutton for punishment and more, we’ve got you covered. If you are not satisfied just to return Animal cross After traveling with Ellie, here are six of the best games to play after beating The Last of Us Part II.

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tomb Raider

Screenshot of tomb raid 2013 on pc
square Enix

tomb Raider Uncommon shares with unsolicited series as much as it does The last of us part ii From a gameplay perspective. It is better with the latter in terms of story. While all three reboot games may earn a spot on this list, we owe it to the 2013 release that debuted it. tomb Raider Lora is an origin story for Croft, and shares a lot of mechanics with it Unsolved, This is a very deep, very serious story. for The last of us part ii Fans, this is a good thing.

This is a grassroots action story, which doesn’t worry about getting its hands too dirty. Instead of globetrotting and uncovering ancient remains, the 2013 tomb Raider Just about survival is too much. Follow up, Rise of tomb raider And Tomb shadow, Are great, although they thrive more in the blockbuster arena. It is a centralized one. tomb Raider There is not much about it Our last part II, But it is still an entertaining game with expertly crafted gameplay and, at the very least, a compelling story.

Without reason

Screenshot of unwanted 4 on ps4
Sony interactive entertainment

If we are comparing apples to apples, Without reason The best game to play once with you The Last of Us Part II. This is a naughty dog ​​action-adventure game, so it’s a great choice The last of us. More important, however, the narrative is almost compelling without being overwhelming. Nathan Drake is one of the most beloved characters in all of gaming, and although Without reason The stakes are set high, they are never above a well-timed joke. Without reason Moving from chapter to chapter without a clear idea of ​​how the story will end provides the same meaning. However, you do not need a tissue box and multiple pauses to make it through the end credits.

said that, Without reason Undoubtedly the most grounded game in the series, clearly taking some notes from that success The last of us. Two directors of that game, Bruce Streley and Neil Druckman, also headed for development Unreserved 4, So both games have a very similar feeling. The fourth entry in Naughty Dog’s epic series sees a retired Nathan Drake breaking his monotonous routine for one final taste of adventure. Although this journey is bombarded like previous games, Without reason There is a story to tell, and this story extends beyond its impressive set pieces.

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Far Cry 5

Screenshot of far cry 5 on pc

If you played far cry 3, Since you have played many games. However the graphics are improved with each release and the updated storyline, the main mechanics, are more or less the same. Some long-time fans are experiencing a bit of jealousy, but the Far Cry series is better than before. Far Cry 5, The latest release will not clear the bar set by early next year far cry 3, But this is correct. Set in fictional Hope County, you play as a sheriff deputy who is tasked with arresting the leader of Joseph Seed, the Gate Doomsday of Eden. If you have played a first cry game before, you know what happens next. Arrest is not planned, and you are suddenly trapped within the walls of the Eden Gate, trying to take it down from inside.

Far Cry 5 Cannot vary from The last of us part ii In terms of gameplay. The former is characterized by an open world, gun combat is par for the course, and everything happens from the first person point of view. Although there are two pieces of connective tissue. Far Cry 5, like Our last part II, Players using stealth, and legend are rewarded, though not nearly as dense Our last part II, Too many twists and turns. Far Cry 5 There is a clear game to play after Our last part II, But it’s great. At the very least, you can immerse yourself in an open world as you continue to explore the filthy depths of humanity.

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A Plague Tale: Innocence

Screenshot of a plague story innocence on pc
Focus Home Interactive

A Plague Tale: Innocence It’s not an AAA blockbuster, but it definitely feels the same. Outside of some well received Disney games, Innocence The developer is Asobo Studio’s first game, and is incredibly impressive. The game is a graphical powerhouse, developed on an engine that Asobo has built in-house. For a relatively small development studio, this alone is an achievement. A plague tale Amazing scenes show, but the game stands with its story.

You play as Emicia de Rune, a 15-year-old girl well versed in hunting. There is trouble though. Amicia’s 5-year-old brother Hugo is infected with an unknown disease. Caught between a plague and war in 14th-century France, Emicia and her brother must avoid Inquisition, along with other villagers who hold Hugo responsible for the outbreak. Of all the games on this list, A Plague Tale: Innocence Is similar to The Last of Us Part II. The gameplay focuses on stealth, and although it is catchy, the narrative is what keeps you playing until the end.

Teltail’s The Walking Dead

Screenshot of Guppy walking dead on PC
Telltale games

Teltley Games has been making games since 2005, but the studio made a name for itself with the release The Walking Dead. Like all Telltale titles, The walking dead Is an adventure game with a story to tell. Your conversation is usually limited to dialogue options, some moving segments, and the occasional popular quick-time event. although to walk The dead Not presented anywhere near gameplay width Our last part II, It has a story for the ages, equivalent to a serious sequel to Nut Dog.

Although each person’s season is relatively short – in under 10 hours – the entire collection is huge. Between three seasons, two spin-offs and a single expansion, Teltail’s The Walking Dead Features approximately 60 hours of gameplay. Like their source material, those hours are filled with death, disease, difficult choices and of course, zombies. It’s not the best way to spend a few afternoons, but if you play The last of us part ii Looking for more, The walking dead Can provide in spades.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake

Screenshot of resident evil remake 2 on pc

Resident evil 2 There are many remakes Our last part II, Even though the games look very different on the surface. Simply put, they are both third-party action survival games, where planning each enemy encounter is critical to success. like Our last part II, Resident evil 2 There is a similar system of carefully managing your resources and constantly looking over your shoulder for a new threat. From the gameplay perspective, the two games are almost identical. However, with Resident Evil 2, You are getting a lot of esoteric fiction in the way of realism. For the series, though, it works, and if the gameplay is your bag, that shouldn’t put you off.

However, there is a big difference The last of us part ii And Resident Evil 2. The former saves approximately every 60 seconds (not an exaggeration, stop the game and you’ll see an autosave about every minute). In Resident Evil 2, You can only save on typewriters, which will undoubtedly be familiar to any resident evil fan. Worse, if you are playing on hardcore mode, you can save a limited number of ribbons of ink. Resident evil 2 Is a proper survival horror game, while The last of us part ii Just doubles. Now is the right time to play, however, with the increasing release of Resident Evil Village.

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