The Best Free Video Converters for 2020

It seems that there are many video file formats such as devices to play on them. Flash Video, MKV, MOV, AVI, MPEG. And even if your desktop can read them, chances are, your mobile device cannot. But regardless of how old the file format may be, there is still a way that you can convert it to a more versatile and usable format.

The best video converters such as Prism Video Converter are capable of handling a variety of different file formats, and make the conversion process smooth and quick instead of frustrating and time consuming to users. We’ve rounded them down.

Any Video Converter (Windows / MacOS)

Any Video Converter (AVC) is a great piece of freeware that can handle conversions for everything from DivX and MPEG4 to VOB and over 60 other input formats (including 4K) – all within an attractive and minimalistic interface. The software also features user-defined video output, as well as batch processing for converting multiple files simultaneously, and saves all converted videos to pre-specified folders for quick access and organization.

AVC can extract and replace audio directly from any given video from any video, including MP3, AAC, WAVE and others. In addition, the program allows you to download and convert YouTube and Google videos – although these are our preferred methods.

Handbreak (Windows / MacOS)


Handbreak seemed to be on its last legs in 2006 when the software’s early creator, Eric Petit, took off the face of the earth. However, its software development was done with the help of some ambitious people who were inspired to update and modify existing software for a changing world.

The open-source video converter is now one of the most extended software packages to accelerate and convert video files for playback on many popular devices, including iPhones, Smart TVs, and tablets. The interface is sleek and well-designed, with plenty of menu tabs for advanced features, all housed within a traditional UI that anyone familiar with Windows or MacOS can understand.

When it comes to converting files to MP4 or MKV format, the handbrake cannot be topped, but, unfortunately, it is also not for those wanting to learn the software.

Prism Video Converter (Windows / MacOS)

Prism is a converter and video editor which is a great option if you do not currently have a video editor, but you still need to make changes to the video clip that you are converting. The interface is not particularly simple, but it follows a familiar formula and is easy to pick up quickly with large buttons for various tasks: add your video file, and you can work. The converter works with all common video formats and any format that uses the DirectShow codec, plus-specific formats for smartphones, etc. Additional capabilities include filter, brightness, contrast, and rotation adjustment, as well as text overlays, watermarks, and more. Other important features you may need.

Note that the free download for Prism includes all features, but more advanced video editing features will be discontinued after a few days until you purchase the full version. However, the converter capabilities are forever free.

DivX Video Converter (Windows / MacOS)

DivX Video Converter has a lot of useful, built-in options for inputs and outputs, along with editing tools to tweak the videos you want to convert. Although the software is trying to push you a bit towards upgrading to the premium version, it works for free. The interface is clean and gives you deep options for output.

When adding files, you can do this from a local drive, or import them directly from Blu-ray Disc. The software also supports Google Drive and Dropbox, which are looking to edit files stored remotely. An assortment of output profiles provides several pre-defined options, and you can further customize the resulting file if you want – there are options to select resolution, change aspect ratio, and change bit rate.

Cloud convert (web-based)

Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of downloading an app to convert, especially if they are not converting files often. Not only does it handle 218 different formats, ranging from PDF to MP4), but it is also extremely easy to use for web applications. Batch converting and folder monitoring are included if you already have a preferred video / audio software hub, and the API allows you to plug these capabilities into multiple applications.

The entire conversion process takes place in the cloud, and output settings – such as aspect ratio, codec, bit rate, and resolution – can also connect to the app’s web interface prior to conversion. When you are done, you will automatically receive an email from Cloud Convert, and the converted file should end in you Dropbox or Google Drive.

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