The Best Ethernet Cables for the PS4

No matter how fast your internet connection is, there is no denying the fact that a hard-wired connection is going to be more reliable than wireless. When you’re in the middle of an online game on your PlayStation 4, a fast and solid connection means everything. A weak connection can spoil you completely, or disconnect completely. Needless to say, nothing can end your fun faster than a poor connection.

While the PS4 comes with built-in Wi-Fi, using an Ethernet port will give you much better results. Having said that, not all Ethernet cables are created equal. Depending on the type, quality, brand, and length, you may lose out on some of the precious internet speeds for which you are paying so much. Save the gaps and frustrations of unreliable connections in your fierce online game by investing in one of the best Ethernet cable you can find for the PS4.

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Ethernet vs wireless

If your PS4 has built in Wi-Fi and you have a wireless router at home, why bother connecting an Ethernet cable? Yes, it may be less convenient depending on the layout of your home, especially the location of your PS4 relative to your modem or router, but the results you get when playing online will be like night and day. Away from the BAT, the wireless connection just cannot reach the same speed as a physical cable, even if you are paying for it. Most wireless connections may not even support half your internet speed at the original 2.4GHz frequency. You might not notice a drop in speed while browsing the web, but online games are a different story.

Latency or ping can vary from mass differences between wired and wireless connections. We’ve all lagged at one time or another during a game, but Ethernet cables are capable of sending data between your PS4 and the game server much faster and to keep your game running smoothly. Wi-Fi is also subject to much more interference than a wired connection. Other networks, content, distance, and even objects and walls around your router can disrupt and impair the quality of your connection. These things can cause your connection to drop out completely, even if just for a split moment. Again, you may not notice when you are on a computer or even streaming a video, but it is as good as death at the critical gaming moment.

Jadol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Jadol Cat 7

One of the highest end Ethernet cables comes from Jadol. Their Cat 7 cable is compatible with all systems with an Ethernet port and has some of the best performance you can get at a good price. Data transfer rates are seen at up to 10 gigabits per second, which is above all for most people what their ISP can offer for home service. Even if you don’t get that connection fast, this cable will set you up for the future whenever that kind of speed becomes more widely available.

The cable is available in 25-, 50-, and 100-foot lengths and comes in a flat cord design. The length of the cable is better, but with a cable that has a higher speed, you can go a little longer if you need to. The thin cable makes it easy to run along the walls without the danger of sticking out or tripping. It also comes with some cable clips to help with cord management. The connectors themselves are durable and are made of 50-micron gold-plated contact pins.

DanYee Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

DanYee Nylon Braided Cable - Cat 7 (1)

Another Cat 7 cable option is the DanYee brand. This cable is comparable to the price of Jadol cable, but it has a wide range of lengths available. You can go as low as 1.6 feet with plenty of options in between to fit your specific setup and avoid additional cable bunches. This cable is nylon braided and, as the Cat 7, supports up to 10 gigabits per second. The braided cable is thicker, but also more durable and less vulnerable to any interference.

The variety of lengths, additional color options, and basic size of the cable are the only major differences between these two cables. Both are high-end ones and the fastest you can find, but the added length options of Denwai Ethernet cables make them a more convenient option. In addition, the braided design is more durable if you are concerned about wearing the cord.

Wandacell Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Wandsel cat 7

The Wandacell Cat 7 is our next top-of-the-line Ethernet cable. Like other Cat 7s, you can rely on this cable to remain relevant until the internet speed is above 10 gigabits per second. It features Lightning-fast data transfer, almost no lag, and also features a thinner cord design that makes it easier to hide away. The cable end is described as being “unbreakable” based on the 20,000-bend test on the relief boot, and is weather and UV resistant. The connector has two shielded plates on either side that help minimize any external interference with the signal, and has full gold-plated coverage.

You get a lot of size and either black or white color options for this cable, plus some bundles if you want two or three different sizes. It is a bit strange that they do not offer any bundles of the same size, only 3-foot and 6.5-foot, 3-foot and 10-foot, and pairs of 6.5-foot and 10-foot cables. But you can always buy two of the same individually.

Metin Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Matin cat 7

The Metin Cat 7 is also very similar to Jadol in terms of options. You only have the option of 25- or 50-foot lengths, but you have the option of white and black as well as blue. It is also a slightly cheaper option. Visually, this is another flat-design Ethernet cable, which also comes with those handy cable clips to keep it nice and streamlined, and that means a simple plug-in-and-go dripping. The Speed ​​Cat is typical of 7-type cords, but it also uses double twisted pairs on the inside. This is another technique that can help keep out any interference or crosstalk.

The contacts are gold-plated and protected by an outer jacket. The entire cable is very durable and can also be run out when needed. This is another great option if you need to go a little further with your cable to hard-wire your PS4 to your router or modem.

Cable Case 5-Color Combo Snagless Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Cable case

If the Cat 7 Ethernet door sounds like overkill for your current Internet speed, then Cable Matters Cat 6 is one step below those cables. These Cat 6 cords will obviously not be able to maintain speeds as high as the Cat 7 for greater distances, but if you’re not going too far from your modem or router, you probably won’t notice a difference. In terms of distance, these cords are limited in size, starting at just 1 foot and offering a maximum of 14 feet. At those lengths, cable matters still describe these cables as offering 10-Gigabit connections, but at a maximum of 550MHz compared to the Cat 7’s usual 600 MHz.

The real selling point of these cables is the price. Assuming that you need at least a few Ethernet cables, each cable in these bundles of five will cost you very little. However, you are tolerating that in the mind, no matter what the five. Each of the five comes in a different color, which makes it easier to identify which cord the device is connected to at a glance. The cords are slightly tighter than the flat design above, but they are durable enough for most homes.

UGreen Ethernet Cable

Eugene Flat Ethernet Cable - Cat 7 (1)

Another Ethernet cable catering for the more budget-related gamer is the UGreen Ethernet cable. It is one of the cheapest Cat 7 cables you will possibly get and is well worth the price if your main focus is to get the best speed possible. It doesn’t sacrifice anything with a cable of this type, which includes 10-Gigabit speeds and universal compatibility with your PS4, computer, and other Ethernet devices. This is another flat cable design, with all the pros and cons of that type, with 24-carat gold-plated connectors that have multiple layers of shielding.

Naturally, this cable comes in only one color: black. Jokes aside, what gives this Eugrin cable its name is the fact that it is produced using environmentally friendly PVC materials. If that doesn’t excite you, Eugreen comes with a standard two-year warranty and lifetime customer service, which makes the low price point even more attractive. The length goes all the way from 3 feet to 50, making it a great pick, even if it is not so cheap.

Cat 8 ethernet cable

Cat 8 cable

We understand that there is an audience there who are always looking for the latest and greatest technology. While the Cat 7 is still packing more speed in their homes than most people, if you want the absolute best Ethernet cable speeds you can get your hands on, the Cat 8 is currently the fastest cable on the market. Compared to Cat 7’s 10-gigabyte speed of 600 MHz, Cat 8 blows those numbers out of the water at about 40 gigabits per second at 2,000MHz. If you want to be absolutely certain then you are not wasting a single quota of the internet speed you are getting, this cable will deliver.

You have a size limit, starting at 3 feet and going all the way up to 150. The cords are as high quality as you can find. Not only are they UV-proof and waterproof, but they are also weatherproof and anticorrosive, meaning they can be run outdoors as well as underground. Obviously you have to pay a slight premium for this kind of cable, it certainly depends on the length, but even at maximum distance, with the Cat 8 there is little to worry about in terms of speed.

HQGC CAT 7 Ethernet Cable

HQGC Cat 7

The HQGC Cat 7 is the best choice for a Cat 7 Ethernet cable that is long and durable. You have the option of a thin cable of 25, 50, or 100 feet, which is also coated in weatherproof PVC that is less corrosion and flame resistant if you need to run it outside. Inside is 100% oxygen-free copper wire that is shielded and twisted in four pairs to improve connection quality and minimize any external interference.

Otherwise, aside from the black or blue of your choice, you know by now what to expect from a quality Cat 7 cable. You have gold-plated connectors, flexible cables, and universal compatibility. These are also a bit on the cheap side, given the length you are getting. If you are running cable either at home or outside, this is a solid pick.

Himeca Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Himeca Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

Speaking of budget prices, Hymeca Cat 7 is one of the cheapest Ethernet cables you can find. Even a 100-foot length is inexpensive, but there are a host of smaller sizes such as the 1.5-foot price that is very good. In terms of performance, this is yet another Cat 7. It is not at all flat like the others on this list, where we begin to understand the low price. The actual coating of the wire is not the best quality out there, but if you are going to plug it in and leave it, it will probably not be a problem.

This is a strictly indoor cable, not weatherproof or waterproof. It comes with a decent 90-day free replacement guarantee and lifetime customer service and support. And, in a rare change of pace, you can choose between black and red colored wires. For the price, and considering the fact that you are not moving at any pace, you can do much worse on a budget.

CableGacer Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

CableGacer Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

The last up is just a basic CAT 6 Ethernet cable. The Cat 6, now slightly older, is slightly cheaper than the Cat 7, but not by a considerable margin. Stepping down in motion may be worth noting here, though. This cable type can support up to 1 gigabit per second at 250 GHz. This may not be enough for some of you who are using top Internet, but for average users, it should be more than enough. Even if you had speeds at or above that level, it would still be a better option than a wireless connection.

Like many of the Cat 7s on this list, the CableGaker has a flat bird design for easy bending and treading under long surfaces. The connectors are still gold-plated for the best connection possible in the ports, and they are made of durable material for basic wear and tear. These come as 3-foot lengths of up to 100 feet, but at those higher end lengths you may start to notice some speed loss.

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