The Best Cheap Apple TV Deals and Sales for August 2020

Apple TV is for an iPhone that is a bottle of wine for a cheeseboard – a match made in heaven. But like a decent bottle of Bordeaux, the Apple TV is not cheap. These cheap Apple TV deals will lighten it a bit on the old bank account, though the latest Apple TV will bring the price down to just $ 117 for HD and Apple TV will be just $ 169 for 4K top-line.

Apple is also throwing out 12-month Apple TV + subscriptions for free – priced at $ 60 – with every sale of a factory-sealed (not refurbished) Apple TV. For those unaware, it is the company’s own on-demand streaming service, home to a unique selection of original films and shows by household names such as Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Steinfeld, and Steve Carell.

Today is the best Apple TV deal

Apple TV 4K

Released in 2017, the Apple TV is the latest Apple TV in the 4K lineup. It is also the most advanced, streaming content in 4K Ultra HD with HDR. Deals on this model are few and far between, and discounts are not the same as they are on earlier models, but every time an offer pops up, one will appear at the center of your entertainment setup on the cheap.

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Of course, Apple TV 4K does not work only with Apple TV +. It is compatible with all common streaming suspects such as CBS All Access, HBO Now, Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube. Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies and TV work, but not natively. Instead, they have to stream via AirPlay on iPad, iPhone or Mac.

Apple TV HD (4th Gen)

Designed for HDTVs and not a 4K TV like the Apple TV 4K, the Apple TV is similar to a top-of-the-line console in the sense that it can tap into a similar collection of on-demand content, via Siri, and provides one-click mirroring from an iPad, iPhone, or MacBook via AirPlay, with the main difference being that it can only stream in full HD with SDR.

This model was released in 2017 with Apple TV 4K and is the latest non-4K Apple TV, so it is rare to find it in the discount bin with a significant amount. As with Apple TV 4K, however, there will be an “Apple TV sale” every time a retailer like Walmart arrives, which will reduce it by a few bucks – the better the money from your pocket.

Apple TV (third gen)

Apple TV 2012 front remote

Welcome to the least-obvious area. Launched in 2013, Apple TV (3rd Gen) was the first Apple TV to stream content in full HD. It can tap into the same selection of streaming services as Apple TV 4K and Apple TV, streaming in full HD with SDR and supports AirPlay. So, how does this differ from Apple TV HD? It does not have Siri or built-in storage.

If you are shopping on a budget, this is without a doubt the best model. It costs $ 99 new, but it is not uncommon to find a sealed model in a discount bin for somewhere in the region of $ 50 to $ 75. If you don’t mind a refurbished model, you can take it at home as well (there’s nothing wrong with that – in fact, we recommend it).

Apple TV (second gen)

Apple TV 2012 front remote

It would not be appropriate to talk about the cheap Apple TV and the cheapest Apple TV Apple (2nd Gen) will not be mentioned on the shelves right now. It’s not hard to see that, either: This puppy debuted in 2010. It still accompanies trudging, entertaining millions of people every month. Then, it can access all major streaming services. Catch? It is at maximum 720p HD.

But what does it cost, if you want to smart an HDTV in the basement or a bedroom, this is the Apple TV for the job. Fortunately, Apple TV (2nd Gen) is a veteran of Apple TV sales; It is impossible to walk in a past bin and not see even one. There are a plethora of refurbished models out there, which are worth if you are considering a tight budget.

Apple TV 4K vs Apple TV HD

If you have a 4K TV at the center of your entertainment setup, look no further than Apple TV 4K. Why? Because it can stream content in 4K Ultra HD with HDR – either Dolby Vision or HDR10 – and Dolby Atmos surround sound. The result is more detailed color, more accurate color, and lifelong audio. Apple TV maxes at full HD with SDR, which is the HDTV level.

Like Apple TV HD, Apple TV is Siri in 4K. It is used to generate everything from serving recommended content on the home screen with the option to search for specific content like all supported streaming services such as CBS All Access and Netflix. It can also answer questions.

So the main difference between Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD is the resolution. If you are going to be tuning in to the latest Must-Have Show or Movie on 4K TV, we recommend opting for the more expensive Apple TV 4K. It would be overkill for a standard HDTV setup though, so if you’re rocking with it you’ll feel right at home with the Apple TV HD.

Now to throw a wrench in the works. The difference between Full HD and 4K Ultra HD is massive – and it is without HDR. If you are considering upgrading to 4K TV in the near future, take Apple TV 4K home at the time of sale. All this stuff Apple TV HD is connected to an HDTV, when connected to a 4K TV, 4K HDR has the added advantage.

Apple TV HD vs Apple TV (3rd Gen)

As we touched on it earlier, we did not get too deep into it, but there is very little between Apple TV HD and Apple TV (3rd Gen). Both can stream the same selection of content in full HD with SDR through streaming services like Netflix. Difference? The Apple TV HD looks a bit more modern, comes with a new remote control, and has Siri boards and built-in storage.

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