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The Best Cell Phone Plan Deals for July 2020

Nobody likes working with a substandard cellular service provider, but most of us are probably at one point or another. If you count yourself among the number you are tired of due to calls, poor network coverage, surprise charges, poor customer service or all of the above, then keep reading. It may be time for a new wireless carrier. We know that shopping for a new cell phone service can quickly become a time-consuming hassle. There are enough providers and data plans to spin your head (mention all smartphone deals and carrier offers you don’t even have). So, why not look for the best deal? To save you time and money, we rounded up the best cell phone plan deals available right now. read on:

Today’s best cell phone plan deals

Note that the availability of these plans will depend on your geographic location and in some areas prices may not include additional upfront costs such as lump sum activation or setup fees:

  • Best Unlimited Plan: T-Mobile Magenta Plus$ 35 / month, taxes and fees included
  • Best Family Plan: Sprint Unlimited Plus – $ 140 / month for a family of four, Was $ 180
  • Best Build-Your-Own Plan: US Mobile Unlimited – $ 40 / month (or less without unlimited)
  • Cheapest plan: Starts at $ 15 / month
  • Best Thing and Lesson Plan: Republic wirelessStarts at $ 15 / month or $ 150 / year

T Mobile

T-Mobile is offering one of the best unlimited plan deals right now, with its Magenta Plus unlimited bundle making a lot of bang for the buck: for just $ 35 per month, you get unlimited conversations, text and data Along with this, HD streaming is also available. , 20GB mobile hotspot data at 4G speeds, and a free Netflix subscription (two simultaneous HD streams included). If you like traveling, you are allowed 4GB 4G data as well as unlimited flight Wi-Fi in Mexico and Canada.


If you’re after a good unlimited wireless plan for the whole family, Sprint has long been one of the best carriers in the game for this sort of thing. The Sprint Unlimited Plus Family Plan starts at $ 70 per month per person, but becomes cheaper with more lines you add ($ 50 / month for the second line and $ 10 / month for the lines 3-4. , Which would come to $ 140 / month for a family. Out of four). Each line receives unlimited conversations, text and data – it is also compatible with 5G networks – with HD streaming, a 50GB mobile hotspot, a Hulu subscription and a subscription to the tidal music streaming service, giving you a good handful gives. Gifts.


AT&T is another contender for the best unlimited phone plan deal right now. Its unlimited elite plan rings in at $ 50 per month and includes unlimited conversations, lessons, and data in the US, as well as Mexico and Canada. You get 30GB of high-speed mobile hotspot bandwidth per month (which relies on 128Kbps speeds after its usage), HD streaming, 5G access, and a nice sign-up bonus as HBO Max gets a free subscription. is. If you don’t need all the extras, the Unlimited Starter Plan offers you the same unlimited calls, texts, and data for $ 35 per month.


Eliminating the “big four” list of US carriers, Verizon offers similar wireless services as other main providers, but it becomes more expensive if you’re paying for just one line. Unlimited Verizon Wireless plans start at $ 70 per month per line with unlimited talk, text and data, but are affordable for two lines at $ 60 / month / line, $ 45 / month for three, $ 35 / For month four, and $ 30 / month. Five or more lines. Also note that the Verizon Start Unlimited package is rather basic – if you want extras like HD streaming, you have to pay $ 10- $ 20 per line.

The us mobile

The prepaid wireless plan is a great option for light users, children and anyone else who does not consume too much data on a daily basis. The us Mobile is one of the best prepaid service providers today, allowing you to create your own custom plan – meaning you’re only paying for the same number of minutes, gigabytes of texts and data as you want . As just one example, unlimited minutes and 1,000 lessons will set you back just $ 12 per month, and if you want to go completely unlimited, it’s still only $ 40 per month. You also get 10GB of 4G roaming data in most countries (not just Mexico and Canada). If you are adding multiple lines to a plan, you can also unlock free extras like Disney + and Netflix.

Mint mobile

Mint Mobile is a newcomer to the budget wireless scene and one that is very promising, especially for light data users who use their phones primarily for talking and texting. Mint is offering a great offer for new customers, that too with the cheapest unlimited talk and text plan, which is super-affordable at $ 15 per month for the first three months (paid in three months’ salary). It’s unlimited for talk and text only, but you get 3GB of 4G data per month, or up to 12GB of monthly data with a $ 25 / month plan. After the first three months, this special pricing becomes normal, but if you like your service, you can choose to pay in advance for the 12-month renewal plan and keep these low introductory prices. Huh.

Republic wireless

If your needs are modest, Republic Wireless is a very economical option, especially if you need a phone primarily for talk and text. The most basic talk / text plan includes unlimited calls and text messaging for only $ 15 per month; If you want to add some data to your talk and text plan, you can deal with 4GB per 1GB (which will come for unlimited talk, $ 20 per month for text and 1GB of data for example) at $ 4GB. However, if you pay in advance for an annual “My Choice” plan, you get two months free: for example, a $ 15 / month talk + text plan is $ 150 per year, $ 20 / month. The plan is $ 200 per year, and with a 2GB of data, a $ 25 / month plan comes to $ 250 for the year.

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