The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan healthcare joint venture is officially ending – ClearTips

The Amazon-Berkshire Hathaway-JPMorgan healthcare joint venture is officially ending – TechCrunch

Somewhat an obscure, but high-profile and potentially heavily-funded joint venture ending: Haven, created by JV Berkshire Hathaway And JPMorgan Chase is “disintegrating” according to CNBC, three years after its original formation. One of the main reasons is that each partner in the venture was clearly pursuing its own very different strategic approach to their respective health-related challenges, meaning that it was really too much to start in a joint venture ” United “was not.

In a statement to CNBC, Haven’s spokesperson highlighted some of the good results that have emerged from the partnership over the years, including improving access to primary care and easing insurance benefit packages for employees. Meanwhile, Amazon has made a lot of progress on its own with its Amazon Care program, an internal health program for employees at its Washington facilities.

Amazon Care includes provision for both virtual and in-person primary care doctor visits and prescription delivery. The company is also reported to be considering expanding this service to other businesses, indicating its intention to turn it into a real business, which Haven JV originally intended as its guiding light.

To be honest, the original announcement about the founding of the JV was light on the details and seemed like one of the things that comes together when very rich people talk about their shared problems on a casual afternoon And distilled with pratin at the club with caviar and mineral water. Arctic ice or whatever they enjoy during their report, so it’s no surprise at all that it’s nothing more important.

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