The 10 Best Interior Wall Paints in 2021

10 Best Interior Wall Paints in 2021

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic latex

Sherwin Williams Cashmere is our top choice. This combination of primer and acrylic latex paint is renowned for its smooth application. It levels automatically into an even layer. This means that you don’t need to worry about permanent brush strokes or roller marks.

You’ll get a rich, silky finish when your walls are dry. It looks amazing from all angles. Wall paint with exceptional coverage will hide any marks or colours underneath. You can choose from five different sheens and upload your own colour to make it your own.

10 Best Interior Wall Paints in 2021
10 Best Interior Wall Paints in 2021

Glidden Essentials Interior Paint

Glidden Essentials Interior paint is an excellent option for those on a budget. This paint is perfect for transforming your living, bedroom, bedroom or office. It provides great coverage and is easy to clean.

Glidden Essentials can also be tinted in up to 1,100 colours. You can choose from flat/matte or eggshell finishes. This latex paint has minimal VOC (volatile organic compounds) and has a mild odour. Gliddon also backs this product with a 15-year warranty.

KILZ Spruce Best Homes Interior Paint & Primer in one

The future of paint is brighter than ever! Spruce Best Interior Paint & Primer In One is a premium acrylic paint ideal for interior walls. We listened to the needs of our readers and tried different formulas. We love the paint product we created and hope you do too.

KILZ offers a variety of finishes, including semi-gloss and eggshells. All three formulas are stain-resistant, long-lasting, but the matte one has the lowest sheen (0 to 4 units @ 85 F). It is ideal for bedrooms, ceilings, and other spaces that don’t get as much foot traffic. Semi-gloss or eggshell paints have a subtle sheen (17 to 22 units at 85 F), which is decorative and easy to clean.

We have extensively tested this paint. The colour is vibrant. One coat is sufficient when you would normally need two. We know it can be daunting to choose a colour. So we narrowed our selection down to 32 carefully selected shades that are both elegant and versatile. Any colour is possible. We also valued low odour. Our product has low VOC and low smell. You can apply this paint with a nylon/polyester brush, a roller or an airless sprayer. This paint is only available on Amazon.

Backdrop Standard Finish Interior Paint

Backdrop Standard Finish is a luxury wall paint that you should consider if you want a high-end option. This water-based, premium paint is made with acrylic resin. It’s easy to apply. The low-VOC, self-priming formula dries quickly and leaves no odours.

The Backdrop Standard Finish is rich in pigment and has a semi-matte, low-sheen finish. You can choose from various gorgeous colours, including Skywalker, Rose Quartz, and Drive-Thru Safari. You can choose from bold colours that look great on accent walls, big design moments or in your home. Or you can go for more neutral shades that work well in any room.

These are the opinions of our testers.

No need to use a primer. It covered a lot of ground, it dried quickly, was thick and spreadable. It was perfect. I applied two coats to an existing dark gray. Deanna McCormack is a Product Tester

Clare Wall Paint

Clare Wall paint is low in VOCs, which will appeal to those who prefer them. This Greenguard Gold-Certified paint has zero volatile organic compounds. It has a low odour that allows you to breathe easily during application and for a long time afterward.

Although this acrylic paint is more expensive than other brands, it’s still worth the investment. It provides excellent coverage and has a durable, smooth finish that resists mould, dirt, and mildew. You can get super-easy peel-and-stick colour samples before you buy a full-size can.

Rust-Oleum Chalked Matte Paint

Rust-Oleum Chalked is your best choice for chalk paint. Chalked’s ultra-matte formula gives it a charming, semi distressed appearance perfect for rustic and vintage interior design schemes.

Rust-Oleum Chalked can be used to paint walls as well as metal fixtures and wood furniture. The low-odour latex paint can be applied easily to any surface and dried in just 30 minutes.

Valspar Signature Flat Tintable Interior Paint

Valspar Signature Flat is a good choice if you prefer a matte finish. The tintable interior formula can be used as both a primer and paint. It has a special “scuff-shield technology,” protecting it from stains and scuffs like other matte paints. It is also resistant to scratching, fading, and scrub marks.

Valspar Signature Flat applies smoothly and conceals any imperfections or marks on walls. This paint is certified Greenguard Gold and low in VOC.

Valspar Ultra High-Gloss Paint + Primer

Valspar Ultra high gloss is the best choice for a glossy finish. This paint/primer formula, like its flat counterparts, resists stains and scrub marks as well as general wear and tear. It is washable so that you can wash most marks and stains with soap and water.

You can use acrylic paint indoors and outdoors. This acrylic paint is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a durable burnish-resistant finish that will keep its glossy appearance no matter where it is applied.

BEHR Premium Plus Semi-Gloss Enamel Interior Paint and Primer in One Ultra Pure White

Behr Premium Plus Ultra Pure White is the ideal choice for a stark white colour. The combination acrylic paint/primer comes in five sheens: flat, eggshell satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss.

It glides easily on walls and can be used to cover dark colours. It is resistant to mildew, making it ideal for bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms.

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint Ultra Flat

Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint is the best. The ultra-matte sheen conceals any imperfections and gives your ceiling a flawless finish. It is easy to use and resists splattering and gravitational drips. The low-odour ceiling paint has zero VOCs and will give you peace of mind regarding the air in your home.

Final Verdict

Sherwin Williams Cashmere Interior Acrylic latex is the best paint for interior walls (view at Sherwin Williams). The rich, smooth finish and buttery smooth application are unbeatable. If you have trouble choosing a colour, The Spruce Best home by KILZ Interior paint & primer (view at Amazon) is the best choice. Each of the 32 shades is carefully selected to provide unmatched versatility and an elegant appearance.

What to look for in Interior Wall Paints


When choosing interior paint, the most important consideration is probably the colour you choose. There are many shades to choose from, even if you know the colour you want for your interior paint. Many major paint companies offer a wide range of colour chips. If you are still unsure, use them to narrow your choices. Then, purchase a pint-sized tester to test the colour at home.

If the colour swatches don’t match, your local paint shop can usually mix a custom-made colour. You can bring in a sample of what you imagine, including a pillow or favourite sweater. A colour code machine called a “spectrophotometer” scans and deciphered colour. These machines don’t always work perfectly. You can visually inspect the colour to make sure it matches what you’re imagining. If necessary, the paint mixer will be able to adjust it further.

A smaller device called the Color Muse (view Amazon) can scan any surface, counter or object to find the closest match between top paint brands. The device can read the RGB (red, green and blue) values of the colour to identify paint options that match. The device will provide the RGB code for creating a custom paint colour if there is no match. There are many paint colour options. It is the more difficult part of choosing your favourite colour for your space, style and furniture.


There are three main types of finishes available, and these categories can categorize paint. You can choose from a flat, low-lustre or glossy finish.

Flat paint does exactly what it says: the resulting finish doesn’t reflect much sunlight. This is also known as a matte finish. This interior paint is great for ceilings and other surfaces that don’t get much use. Flat paint is the cheapest type of interior paint. However, it can be hard to maintain and keep looking fresh. Flat paint is not recommended if you have a limited budget or use it in an unreachable area of your home. Matte paint is more effective at hiding imperfections than shinier finishes.

Low-lustre finishes offer a slight reflection of the light. Low-lustre paints can be either eggshell or satin. Eggshell paint is slightly more matter than the other two. Because it is versatile, eggshell paint is more durable and easier to clean than flat paint. Interior paint should be satin- or eggshell-finished in most areas of your home. This includes the living room, bedroom walls, hallways and bathrooms.

Paints with a glossy coating offer more sheen and light reflection than flat paints. Semi-gloss paints are slightly more matter than their glossy counterparts. You can use Semigloss paints in high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Glossy paints are best for handrails or windowsills. While gloss paints are beautiful, they can magnify imperfections on the surface that they’re applied to. This is why you should consider this when choosing your paint finish.

The location you’re painting in, and the level of resistance you desire will determine which finish you choose. The appearance of the finish can also be important. High gloss finishes add drama, while matte finishes might suit calmer environments.


VOCs are also known as volatile organic compounds. It’s important to check if your paint contains them. VOCs can cause your nose to wrinkle when you think of freshly painted rooms.

VOCs, which are compounds released from solids and liquids, are just a quick chemistry lesson. Can find low VOC paints in many latex-based paints. These paints are better for interior painting because they reduce the amount of VOCs that you will be exposed to during and after painting.

Oil-based paints contain more VOCs than other paints. The paint thinners needed to clean your brushes and rollers used to apply the paint have higher concentrations. It would help if you ventilated any oil-based paints or paints with a high VOC.


Some interior paints contain additives that can improve the finish or application. To determine which additives are needed for your project, think about what you want to accomplish with your painting.

One of the most popular interior paint additives is enamel. Enamel is an additive that reduces paint’s porosity. It gives the paint a more durable and harder finish. This is especially important in high-traffic areas, where dirt could infiltrate the paint or when the finish is subject to a lot of bumping and touching.

To prevent yellowing, acrylic is often added to oil-based paint. This is a problem with oil-based interior paint. You can add acrylic to paint to help it stay truer to its original hue for longer. Can also add acrylic to latex paints for durability and a better finish.

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