Thanksgiving Grandma Celebrates First Holiday After Husband’s Death

Thanksgiving Grandma Celebrates First Holiday After Husband's Death

Wanda DenchThe Arizona grandmother, who accidentally invited a stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner in 2016 and formed a beautiful friendship with her as a result, is celebrating her first vacation without her husband Loni Dench, who He died of coronavirus in April.

“She had the hardest heart of love, like no other,” Wanda told local news outlets. Arizona familyOf Brian whitney Soon after Lonnie’s death. “He did so many acts of kindness that no one had ever heard of. He was my hero. And I am a better person because of him.”

Jamal Hinton, Then Wanda accidentally invited him to dinner on Thanksgiving dinner when he wrote down the wrong number and then extended the holiday invitation anyway – shared the sad news Twitter In April, writing, “As some of you may find out tonight that Lonnie didn’t make it … He died on Sunday morning, but Wanda told me all the love and support that was on his face Was putting on a big smile so I thank each one of you for that! “

In the same month, Jamal also Shared a video At lunch with Wanda, Lonnie and his girlfriend Mikaela Grubbs, Writing “We miss you Loni.”

Brana followed the story of Wanda and Jamal, and shared that the two would not get together on Thanksgiving this year, as they had been celebrating for the past four years, and honoring Lonnie in the process.

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