Tessa Thompson Was “Hit by a Big Monster Truck” on New Year’s Eve

Tessa Thompson Was "Hit by a Big Monster Truck" on New Year's Eve

Tessa thompson To close the disastrous year by 2020 was a very fitting final experience.

37 years old Done by Star appeared Jimmy kimmel live On Thursday, January 7, where she revealed that she thought she would spend driving to visit a friend on New Year’s Eve, but it became more memorable than she expected.

“I told that I made a mountain to go to a cabin, and I thought, it would be completely safe because I wouldn’t see anyone,” she explained. “But I got involved in a car accident, so I had a socially distorted conversation.”

As it turned out, the other driver was quite friendly, even though it was a intimidating vehicle.

“I got hit by a big monster truck on the highway,” she continued. When the host Jimmy kimmel Wanted to know if this a Actual Monster Truck, he clarified, “Let’s put it this way. It’s a ‘monster’ as a truck that can drive with a regular business license. I got hit, but I’m safe, obviously , And indeed, the driver. ” Very cute at the end. “

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