Tesla sweetens new EV purchase with Full Self-Driving trial tossed in for free

Tesla's Holiday Update software update includes a noisy and controversial new feature

Hurry, this deal will not go away. really.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk took marketing steps on Twitter, saying that we are working in the last few days of 2020. On Tuesday evening, Musk tweeted that whoever buys the new Tesla will get three months free of the company’s full self-driving mode. Access to software that remains in beta and is not complete, usually Cost $ 10,000 Extra just to experience it.

The all-new Teslas come with a variant of the firm’s autopilot system, a partially automated technology on the scale of SAE’s autonomy, but full self-driving hopes to one day live up to its name. company Technology rolled out for limited groups of drivers Early this year and planning Invite those paying for the option To avail the facilities. Even Tesla says that the system Can do wrong things at the wrong time, Then it is definitely not designed for hands-free driving, but many owners found that it works well with a lot of supervision.

To take advantage of Kasturi’s latest flash deal, buyers need to complete all documents and take delivery at midnight of December 31, so it’s probably best to buy Tesla currently in stock if you’re really into full self – Want a driving freebie. We also heard that earlier this month Tesla authorized its employees to Toss in free supercharging The automaker pushes for record deliveries in 2020 once again as someone buys a new EV.

We won’t know if the strategy worked until early next year, but Musk is like a master of fan buying when it matters.

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