Tesla is a chain of startups, Elon Musk explains – ClearTips

Tesla is a chain of startups, Elon Musk explains – TechCrunch

During a call with investors and journalists today, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked to detail a tweet from yesterday. In it he said: “Tesla There are actually about a dozen technology startups to be thought of, many of which have no connection with traditional automotive companies. “

In short, he explained that Tesla has more than a dozen startups, and he plants each product line and as a startup. This is an interesting point of view from car maker Tesla, which offers batteries, home solar panels and car insurance among other things.

Outside of vehicle manufacturing, Musk pointed to insurance when asked about the growth potential. He says that the insurance business in Tesla’s car business can grow by 30–40%.

This strategy works well for Tesla, which continuously rolls out updates to existing products at unusual speeds. The new features come without much warning, and this is understandable when Tesla is treating individual vehicle component divisions as collections of divisions rather than collections of companies.

According to Musk, some so-called startups include autonomy, chip design, vehicle service, sales, a drive unit, motors, supercharger networks, and soon insurance.

“The thing is that people don’t understand about Tesla [the company] There is a whole range of startups, ”said Musk. “And then people say, ‘Well, you didn’t do that before.” Yes, well, we’re done now. I think we might be a little bit slower than other startups, but I don’t think we’ve really failed anything. “

He concludes that there are no plans to end any business, note that there is no need to add complexity.

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