Tesla asked to recall Model S, Model X over touchscreen failures

Tesla asked to recall Model S, Model X over touchscreen failures

The Model S’s large touchscreen is the subject of this problem.

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Following An investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration At the end of last year, Tesla is being asked to recall about 158,000 Model S and Model X vehicles due to touchscreen failures. Tesla Model S sedans for the 2012 to 2018 model years and Tesla Model X crossovers from 2016 to 2018 are affected by this recall, according to an NHTSA document published Wednesday (PDF).

In its detailed report, NHTSA states that a preliminary investigation was opened into these electric vehicles “relating to media control unit (MCU) incidents as a result of loss of rearview camera and other safety-related vehicle functions.” In addition to the rearview camera, an outage can affect such things as windshield defogger, turn signal chimes and autopilot driver-assist systems.

The investigation by the NHTSA office notes that the touchscreen in these Tesla models is equipped with an 8GB memory card integrated with the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. The ODI report states that the memory card’s cell hardware “fails to reach storage capacity, resulting in the MCU failing.” At the conclusion of its investigation, the ODI report “The failure rate in this investigation is much higher than the failure rate for vehicles involved in similar behavior prior recall.”

Reportedly, Tesla distributed several over-the-air updates in an effort to overcome this problem, but NHTSA states that these updates were “sufficiently inadequate.” Should Tesla not choose to initiate a formal recall, the automaker must submit a full explanation and supplementary analysis to NHTSA by 27 January, or it could face further penalties.

Tesla is unable to comment on this story, as The company does not operate a public relations department.

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