Tesla 2021: What we expect to see from Elon Musk and friends this year

Tesla 2021: What we expect to see from Elon Musk and friends this year

2021 should be a very big year for a vehicle manufacturer.


Tesla is known for many amazing things, but meeting deadlines has never been one of them. Regardless, the company and CEO Elon Musk have big things promised for this year and with it Crazy growth in company valuations in 2020, Tesla must have the resources to put its ambitious plans into action. Having said all this, let’s take a look at why 2021 is expected to be such a grand year for the electric car manufacturer. Before we dive into it: Some of the items below were initially promised for last year – if not many years ago. In the same style, there is certainly a possibility (possibility?) That Tesla will continue to pursue some projects in the future. But, for now, if all goes according to plan, here’s what to expect from Tesla in 2021.

Tesla Cybertak

This model is the largest item in Tesla’s 2021 punch list. Typical style revealed in late 2019 Cybertruck This year is to enter production, with The most powerful tri-motor variant first scheduled. Tesla has stated that dual-motor Cybertak will run until the end of 2021, before the cheapest single-motor version rolls out of the assembly line in 2022.

Tesla has given no indication that Siebertruck will not begin production this year, but as stated above, the company has no stellar track record when it comes to production deadlines. We certainly expect Cybertruck to arrive this year, but none of us would be particularly surprised if an electric pickup truck isn’t on the road in 2021 – not a particularly meaningful amount.

A New Texas Gigafacting

Incoming Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, Tesla shakes hands with Seibertruck. Currently under construction, the facility will house Elon’s wild electric pickup truck, and previous documents have suggested the plant may be ready Construction of vehicles as soon as May.

The factory is also special for other reasons. This would be Tesla’s first plant built from the ground up in the US, as the automaker’s only US plant in California was previously a General Motors / Toyota joint-venture project. Secondly, the Austin factory will open a cluster of production capacity to supply with East America Model y Crossover SUV. Every single vehicle Tesla currently makes and sells in the US comes from Fremont, California, and shifting some of the manufacturing burden to a new facility would give the Bay Area-based facility significantly more space. Third, the automaker has previously stated that its Austin-based facility will also assemble Tesla Semi. If Tesla wants to continue moving forward, its new American factory will be a big deal this year.

Tesla semi

It is one of those projects that is one of Tesla’s cans to continuously roll down the road. Semi Was to Started production two years ago The automaker then made a huge splash with its announcement. Many big-corporations quickly boarded the idea of ​​an electric semi to shuttle their goods with zero emissions, but so far, we haven’t seen much except a handful of on-road tests and various real – On the smartphone of the audience on the world view.

It is unclear what the catch is, but with a new production site in Texas scheduled to come online this year, it is hoped 2021 will finally bring the electric semi truck to life. Walmart and so many people are waiting.

Tesla roadster

Of the three confirmed vehicles outstanding from Tesla’s lineup, the Roadster is the least likely to enter series production in 2021. Still, CEO Elon Musk previously said the electric sports car could reach production this year after the Texas factory went online. He also said, however, that the production of Siebertruck and Semi are high priority items, so our educators estimate that the sports car may not be on display in 2021. If it does, look for it Tesla rolls out of California assembly plant, Not Texas.

A german gigafacting

Not only is a new Gigafacturing under construction in Texas, but the electric car manufacturer is busy building another facility from outside Berlin, Germany. With a German factory, Tesla will have a manufacturing footprint in North America, Asia and Europe. Not only will the plant supply the company’s electric cars locally in Europe, the factory may be the tipping point for our next item.

Possibility of a cheap, $ 25,000 Tesla

This is our last new-vehicle entry on the list, and while it is somewhat underrated, it is still possible. By the end of 2020, Musk started mentioning the idea of ​​a $ 25,000 Tesla Vehicle On the firm’s Battery Day. This is not the first time he has brought such an affordable model, but we should hear about why we might see it in 2021.

While Tesla has talk of meeting production deadlines, it is very difficult Does Has an excellent track record of revealing new models before actually starting production. If the company plans for such a car, then 2021 could be the year that we see on the road two or three years from now. In addition to a $ 25,000 model talk, Musk also mentioned an idea Electric hatchback, Possibly Based on model 3 For Europe that would better serve the drivers of the continent. It’s unclear whether Musk thought of a $ 25,000 car and a hatchback are the same thing or different vehicles, but regardless, Tesla and Musk are like surprises. It is not impossible we will get one this year.

More market

Although Tesla is fairly easy to obtain in most major American cities in the North, Tesla is still not a concern in all major car markets in the world. from them? India. According to recent reports, This will change in 2021. The company is expected to expand to the Asian nation soon, starting with its cheapest offering, the Model 3.

More service centers

Without a traditional dealer franchise like other automakers, it is perhaps surprising that Tesla’s parts and service networks have failed to keep pace with their sales ambitions. In 2021, it figures to reduce inequality, with the automaker Reportedly scheduled to open a new service center once a week Throughout the year. In 2019, Tesla delivery grew by 50%, yet its service-center footprint grew by only 12%. Look for Tesla to build some base in this department in 2021, a development that should provide shorter service wait times, more convenient locations, and happier customers.

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