Teresa Giudice & Jackie Goldschneider’s RHONJ Fight Explained

Teresa Giudice & Jackie Goldschneider's RHONJ Fight Explained

Teresa refused to reveal the source of the charge and would not apologize for repeating it. “If I heard that, wouldn’t you want to tell me?” He asked.

After going back and forth and making no progress or redress, the tension escalated. “Listen, I’m not a stupid girl, I’m a f-king lawyer,” Jackie said. “I need to accept that this was a lie!”

Then, in an attempt to make a point about baseless rumors, Jackie said, “Well you know what, I heard a rumor that Jia Coke snails in the bathroom at parties. I heard, I don’t know where I heard it from … it’s the same thing! How is not the same thing ?!

“You’re a f-king bitch,” Teresa told of her teenage daughter. “You’re a f king c – t, f f – k yourself.”

Teresa shouted before exiting and leaving, “She brought up my daughter, she’s an F king c.”

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