Tenet Continues to Struggle at U.S. Box Office While Crossing $250M Worldwide

Tenet Continues to Struggle at U.S. Box Office While Crossing $250M Worldwide

theory Has officially grossed $ 250.1 million globally. However, only $ 36.1 million of this total comes from North America, with the Christopher Nolan film coming in at $ 4.6 million this weekend. The highly anticipated film grossed a substantial $ 25 million in select Asian markets over the weekend. It debuted at No. 1 in Japan with $ 4.3 million thanks to a recent screening Dunkirk And Interstellar Promotion increased. 27% of theoryJapanese box office earnings came from $ 1.15 million, generated from 38 IMAX screens.

Mexico was another area theory Well done at the box office on the weekend. About 88% of movie theaters are open and this helped the film earn $ 850,000. It is also the first region in Latin America to debut a Christopher Nolan film. For domestic theaters, they are open, although not in every major market. Traditional theater and drive-ins are not showing films in all major markets due to the public health crisis. Even in cities where cinemas are open, ticket sales are still sluggish as people are anxious to see and watch movies on the big screen again.

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Disney’s live action adaptation of Mulan saw a 72% drop in its second weekend in China, adding $ 6.5 million and bringing the local total to $ 36.2 million. With the remake being said to have been a success on Disney +, analysts have speculated that it may already surpass theoryThe box office sum, which stands still after another weekend in theaters for the Christopher Nolan film. It is estimated that Mulan Streaming alone could have already crossed the $ 261 million mark, and that meant net profits for Disney. It is not required to be shared with theaters or outside vendors as it was a $ 30 add for Disney + customers.

Elsewhere, Fox’s The new mutants Was able to bring in $ 1.6 million, a 23% drop since last weekend, Infidel And unhinged Brought in $ 1.5 million and $ 1.3 million respectively. From there, things fall significantly short as consumers are still skeptical about coming to movie theaters, even with new security protocols. While Disney has claimed that Mulan Once released, anyone can see them changing their tune, thanks to the success they can pass the film directly to consumers, who can watch it with their families in their homes.

related to theory, Warner Bros. waits for some lost revenue in major markets in Los Angeles and New York when things return to some sort of normalcy. It is unclear when this will happen, but the studio feels that the film should be put on the big screen and not thrown on VOD, at least at the moment. All this may change in the coming weeks, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Was the first to report on the number theoryThis weekend grossed at the box office.

  • Box office
  • 1. theory – $ 4.6 million
  • 2. The new mutants – $ 1.6 million
  • 3. Infidel – $ 1.5 million
  • 4. unhinged – $ 1.3 million
  • 5. SpongeBob Movie: SpongeBob on the Run – $ 210K
  • 6. Personal History of David Copperfield – $ 150K
  • 7. The secret we keep – $ 89K
  • 8. home – $ 62K
  • 9. The way i see it – $ 25K
  • 10. Foster boy – $ 6.1K

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