Teen Mom’s Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge Talk Parenthood

In just a few months, a lot can change.

Just ask Corey Wharton And Taylor selfridge Who thought it was special to welcome their first child together. But in the midst of preparing for the birth of their baby girl, the couple moved into a new home. And yes, it happened all through Coronavirus Universal epidemic

“It definitely brought us closer together,” Cory shared with E! Last month in particular News “Most of our lives have completely changed and we have worked it out. I think it’s good to show fans.”

It is not easy to say. According to Taylor, she had to have her baby shower and cancel her last maternity shoot.

In addition, she feared that Corrie would be banned from the delivery room during COVID-19 due to hospital protocols. Eventually, fans will be able to watch it in its entirety during tonight Teen Mom Ozzy At Home: Corey & Taylor’s Baby Special.

“She definitely has a personality. He’s trying to talk. She smiles back. She likes to tell you when she doesn’t like something,” said Taylor immediately after she was a month old. Later jokingly describing Baby Milla. “She is now smiling back at us.”

Taylor Selfridge, Corey Wharton


Corey said, “It took us a couple of weeks to get into our routine, but we make changes. When I sleep, Taylor is taking care of the baby and when I get up, Taylor falls asleep, So we are becoming one. ” Good team here. “

That team also includes a familiar face Cheyenne Floyd. Teen mom og The star shared a daughter with Corey and they continue to impress fans with their co-parenting skills. In fact, Cheyenne helped plan to reveal her former gender with Taylor.

“I think that gets along with all of us because we all want what’s best for the kids. We all have an open line of communication. We’re a very big, weird, mixed family,” Corey said Explained. “Many people don’t understand this but we do what works for us and we want to make sure that the rider is picked the best way he can and the best way he can get He can and it sacrifices a lot on Cheyenne. It sacrifices a lot on Taylor. It takes a sacrifice on me to keep things apart and come together to raise the children properly. “

And as Cory and Taylor continue to raise a daughter during the transition season, both parents are committed to focusing on one simple thing: love!

Taylor shared, “I just feel like I want to raise Milkha, because I want her to know all sides of her family. She has a white side and a black side, so I want He knows all sides. ” “I have to teach myself all sides, so I think if I teach him how to love everyone, it’s about love.”

Teen Mom Ozzy At Home: Corey & Taylor’s Baby Special Tuesday night air at 8 pm. On MTV.

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