Team17 Rolls Out New Features for 1999’s Worms Armageddon

Worms Armageddon, The classic turn-based worm warfare game, received an update, over seven years in the making.

The game’s developer, Team 17, announced Worms Armageddon Patch 3.8 via trailer that shows some of the contents of the update.

In a post on the game’s Steam page, Team 17 detailed some new additions Worms Armageddon, Which includes 70 new plan options for customizing matches, frame rates that improve player hardware, window modes, streaming, the ability to add CPU teams to online matches, and translations into four and seven languages ​​along the way Have to do.

Worms Armageddon Players also gain access to the MapShot feature, which will allow them to save a snapshot of the current state of the map they are playing. They can start new games on the map again, for rematch or to continue interrupted sessions. Examples.

The update also improves the game’s compatibility, allowing it to run from Windows 95 to Windows 10, and on Linux to Vine or Proton. The addition of window mode also allows players to bypass screen resolution requirements.

According to Team17, Patch 3.8 has 370 fixes, 45 changes and 61 new features, which is definitely not a bad update for a 21-year-old game. This is the kind of longevity that modern sports hope to achieve.

Team 17, meanwhile, is also working on the next game in the series, titled Bugs Rumble, Which is already in closed beta. The game is set to launch this year, and Digital Trend has reached out to the developer to try to get a more definitive release window.

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