TCL shows off new look at 6.7-inch rollable phone at CES 2021

TCL shows off new look at 6.7-inch rollable phone at CES 2021

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TCL is showing its 6.7-inch rollable phone.


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LG is not the only major electronics manufacturer Use with rollable devices. at its CES At a press conference on Monday, TCL once again showed an update of its roll-up in action, releasing a new video of the device detailing and retreating into a woman’s hands.

Little is known about the device, but TCL’s Tiago Abreau, head of “X-Lab” at the TCL Industrial Design Center, says in the video that it could go from a 6.7-inch phone to a 7.8-inch tablet ” A simple tap of the finger. “Abreu says the user interface will adapt to the change, although what it looks like is not shown at all.

While watching the video, the back of the TCL’s device will be highly reflective with the company showing the woman tossing the device around to apply lipstick, seemingly using the phone as a mirror. .

Screen-shot-2021/01/11-at-11-23-41- am.png

TCL’s rollable device can look as double as a mirror.


Bond first Teased a rollable concept last year, But it was largely limited to just dummy prototypes.

Stephen Strait, general manager of global marketing for TCL’s phone business, told CNET that the company would release a phone in 2021 with a flexible display, though it would not confirm whether it would be a foldable or rollable device.

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