Taylor Swift Says Joe Alwyn Helped Her “Move Past Fear” on Politics

Taylor Swift Makes Rare Comment About Her Relationship With Joe Alwyn

Didn’t even Joe Alvin Recently cooperate with Taylor Swift On many songs for folk literature And Evermore, But she is now revealing that she also played a key role in motivating her song “Only the Young”.

Swift debuted the political track in 2020 for a documentary about her life, Miss americana, Although she wrote the song after the US midterm elections in 2018.

Now that the film is a contestant in the 2021 Oscar race, she is sharing new information about how the British actor (also her boyfriend of four years) encourages her to speak about politics and eventually write the song .

“As a country musician, I’ve always been told it’s better to stay out of it [politics], “Swift explained Vanity Fair On February 17 via email. “The Trump Presidency forced me to bend and educate myself.”

She continued, “I found myself talking with my boyfriend about government and the presidency and policy [Joe Alwyn], Who supported me in speaking. I started talking to my family and friends about politics and learning, where I stand.

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