Tanya Roberts declared alive, shortly after being declared dead

Tanya Roberts declared alive, shortly after being declared dead


Tanya Roberts is alive.

Chris Delmas / AFP via Getty Image

On Sunday, the internet went crazy “Bean Dad.” On Monday, it is working through the strange case of Tanya Roberts and whether she has died.

Roberts is an actress and Bond’s former girl is also famous for playing the role of Julie Rogers in the final season of Charlize Angels. Younger people may remember him from the ’70s show.

His representative Mike Pingel issued a press release on Sunday, saying he had died. But, of course, she is not dead.

Roberts collapsed on Christmas Eve after walking his dogs and was immediately taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator. Her boyfriend, Lance O’Brien, was apparently under the impression that he had been pronounced dead and reported it to his representative.

But later, in an incredible interview with Inside Edition, we can see O’Brien receiving information that Roberts is not actually dead.

Therefore we are currently. It’s hard to say exactly how this happened – Roberts’ representatives told CNET that Roberts remained in critical condition.

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