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After a very busy week on the show we are here with our regular Friday episodes, which means lots of venture rounds and digging into new venture capital funds. Thankfully we had a whole troop in our hands: Danny “Well, you see” Crichton, Natasha “Talk to me post-pandemic” Mascarenhas, Alex “very shy” Wilhelm, and behind the scenes, Chris “The Dad” Gates

If you haven’t done it yet, be sure to check out our IPO-focused equity shot from earlier this week and join the current question:

  • Instacart raises $ 225 million. The round, not unexpected, values ​​the $ 13.7 billion on-demand grocery delivery startup – a large sum, and one that would make it difficult for a well-known company to sell itself in the public markets. Despite this, COVID-19 gave the company a huge updraft, and it invested capital on it.
  • Pando raised $ 8.5 million. We often cover goals on equities that are a little clearer. Mother in law, that type of thing. Pando is not that. Rather, it is a company that wants to let small groups of individual pools go on top of them and allow for more equal results in an economy that rewards external success.
  • Athena Raises $ 2 Million. Anti-harassment software is a lot of fun as a dentist today, but it probably shouldn’t be. Natasha told us about the company through, and its pricing. I am clearly very sharp on Ethena. Homebrew, Village Global and GSV participated in the financing program.
  • Vendre raises $ 4 million. Vendre wants to help companies cut their SaaS bills through their SaaS-esque product. I tried to explain it, but it might have suppressed it a bit. This is good, I promise.
  • Facebook is joining the CVC game. This should not be a surprise, but we were not even sure who Facebook wanted the money for.
  • And, finally, Collab Capital is raising a $ 50 million fund to invest in Black Founders. According to our reporting, the company is on track to close to $ 10 million in August. How fast the fund can close its full target is something that we are going to monitor, given that it can be very difficult very soon.

And that is, thank you for lending us your ear.

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