Taiwan-based MLOps startup InfuseAI raises $4.3M Series A led by Wistron Corporation – TechCrunch

AI models not only take time to build and train, but are also deployed in the workflow of the organization. This is why MLOps (machine learning operations) companies come in, helping customers enhance their AI technology. InfuseAI, an MLOps startup based in Taiwan, today announced that it has raised a $ 4.3 million series led by original design manufacturer Wistron Corporation, in partnership with Hive Ventures, Top Taiwan Venture Capital Group and Silicon Valley Taiwan Investments.

According to research firm Cognilytica, founded in 2018, InfuseAI says the market for MLOps solutions is $ 30 million a year in Taiwan, with the global market expected to reach $ 4 billion by 2025. Its customers include E.SUN, one of Taiwan’s largest banks, SinoPac Holdings and Chimei.

InfuseAI helps companies deploy and manage machine learning models with turnkey solutions such as PrimeHub, a platform that includes a model training environment, cloud or on-premises cluster computing (including container orchestration with Kubernetes) and teams. Collaboration tools are included. Another product, called PrimeHub Deploy, lets customers train, deploy, update and monitor AI models.

In a press statement, Hive Ventures founder and managing partner Yan Li said, “As enterprises in manufacturing, healthcare, finance and other sectors seek the scale of deployment of their AI operations and models, they have to be developed among developers A platform such as InfuseAI will be needed to allow seamless collaboration and data scientists. InfuseAI fits perfectly into our investment thesis that focuses on platforms and software in the enterprise adoption cycle. “

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