Tahira Kashyap shares video saying she’s feeling vulnerable amid Covid-19 crisis: ‘Meltdowns, breakdowns and a feeling of being defeated’

As the country departs from the growing Kovid-19 cases, people from different walks of life are doing the best they can lend to help in times of crisis. Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife and writer Tahira Kashyap gave a passionate plea to her fans on Tuesday evening, asking them to ‘live together’ in challenging times.

Tahira also opened up about dealing with her troubles and frustration and convincing her audience that everyone is in it.

“I often feel cute as the captions come in, can be deleted later. It’s happening to me a lot except that I don’t look cute at all. There is anger, disappointment, disappointment. Often meltdown And the breakdown and feeling of being defeated, but these feelings never come up on my social media. But today I felt like I have shared and I don’t think I’m going to delete it later.

Apologizing for the current state of the nation, the filmmaker-writer said, “I am sorry that we are going through this. I want to say that I understand your pain, but I can never understand it. And maybe The same goes for the other side. Some pains are physical, some are mental, which is not hard to compare. The fight continues and we are losing a lot of soldiers. But I would like to offer you a silent prayer, some compassion and sharing. Request to accommodate the heart. “

Tahira captioned the video, “Feeling weak, let us be together.” Tahira’s social media followers immediately responded to the clip and sent her a ‘virtual warm-up’. Actress Divya Dutta also commented and wrote, “Sending a big hag !!! And yes to all the prayers !! We all need to be together. “

Tahira Kashyap is quite vocal on social media, and regularly shares updates about her day-to-day life. Her last post on Instagram read that she was with her partner Ayushmann Khurrana Kovid was donated to the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for relief.

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