T-Mobile's Un-carrier Next: Everything you need to know

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There was a lot of news at T-Mobile’s latest un-carrier event. From its official launch Home Broadband Products To one Automatic upgrade to unlimited For those who still share or share the data plan, the carrier on Wednesday had a lot to say as it builds on its 5G lead.

Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know.

Home Internet is now widely available

T-Mobile’s home internet play is Been working for years. The company has talked about using 4G LTE and 5G to provide home broadband options for a while, and on Wednesday the program finally graduated from the pilot phase to the actual offering.

Available starts at $ 60 per month (with AutoPay), the carrier says users can expect an average download speed of 100Mbps for “most subscribers”. Data is unlimited, there is no cap where your speed will slow down and the taxes that T-Mobile touts are already included, there is no extra charge for devices like 4G / 5G modems that double as routers.

You do not have to be a T-Mobile wireless user to sign up for the service, plus the carrier does not force you to sign up for the contract. If you cancel that service, you need to return the modem back to the company. Even those with home internet $ 10 off for television streaming on YouTube TV or Philo.

Although T-Mobile is building this service over the past year, the launch on Wednesday serves 30 million “eligible” families in 48 contiguous states, plus Hawaii.

In its analyst day of last month, the company revealed that it finished by 2020 with 100,000 subscribers in its home internet pilot. The company expects to have 500,000 home internet subscribers by the end of this year with 7-8 million subscribers by 2025.

For reference, Comcast finished in 2020 with 33.1 million subscribers.


The T-Mobile Home Internet modem doubles as a router.

Rick Broida / CNET

T-Mobile states that it is running after urban areas, which have multiple providers, as well as rural communities that have limited competition. Of the 30 million eligible households, the company says 10 million are in rural America, adding that it “plans to continue expanding access.”

T-Mobile’s executive vice president of emerging products, Dow Draper, told CNET that the company plans to “continue to grow significantly in 2021 and 2022” for home internet speed and home eligibility.

While the carrier’s 5G network reaches 287 million people today, not everyone will be able to get home internet service. Draper notes that the footprints will not match, the reason being that the company is focusing on locations where there are “deep areas of potential” where it provides home internet. This, Draper says, allows for “the highest probability of offering people an exceptional broadband experience without sacrificing the performance of their mobile network”.

CNET’s Rick Broida Has Been Experiment with pilot version Home Internet and when he found some problems, he planned to maintain the service, because the hiccups he experienced were “much more bearable when you’re paying less than half what you were before.”

Promote unlimited data for those on old shared plans


Angela Lang / CNET

Beyond the home internet push, T-Mobile also revealed that starting on April 18, it will automatically upgrade existing users to T-Mobile or Sprint shared data plans. It says that it will not change the monthly price, with the switch simply having to overcome the worry about how high-speed data you will use before slowing down the speed.

Shortly called “Great Unlimited Trade-Up”, the carrier is rolling out these limited-data plans on its Magenta Essentials offering without increasing the price for its monthly service.

As before, access to T-Mobile’s growing 5G network remains. The carrier says that people switching from a tier data plan on Verizon or AT&T will be able to switch to T-Mobile and get the deal “the same or better” than what they would pay for a limited data bucket. Have been.

While data is unlimited over 4G LTE or 5G, T-Mobile notes that it can slow down “during congestion” speeds in busy areas if you’ve used more than 50 GB in a month. While mobile hotspot data on Magenta Essentials is typically limited to 3G speeds, the carrier tells CNET that those being switched on will have “buckets of high-speed hotspot data that are equal to or better than their current limited buckets is.”

A new push to get people on 5G phones


The iPhone 12 is getting a limited-time deal on T-Mobile.

Andrew Hoyle / CNET

Beyond the unlimited boost to the plans, T-Mobile also introduced a “Great Free 5G upgrade”, where it is working for any old, new phone. Samsung galaxy a32 5g. The company says that it will accept any phone as part of this promotion – from flip phones and sidekicks to older iPhones, Body shot Or palms – so long as they are in working condition, but power are broken and without screen or water damage.

As with many other free phone promotions, the phone will not be free of cost out of 24 monthly bill credits to keep you on the carrier. If you leave before two years you will be on the hook for the remaining balance on the $ 282 device. You will also have to pay sales tax.

Beyond the Galaxy deal, which runs through the end of the year and is available to both new and existing customers, Carrier is also offering a new iphone 12 Publicity.

Running from April 1 to April 18, T-Mobile is offering a free iPhone 12 when you make a trade iphone 11. Those with the “oldest” iPhones will be able to get half of the iPhone 12 with the trade-in, while older iPhones such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 5S or iPhone 4 will be able to get half. iphone 12 mini.

The carrier confirmed to CNET that discounts would also be available for the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, but it did not elaborate them. It also did not specify which of the “oldest” iPhone models would qualify for the iPhone 12 rebate.

With the Galaxy Deal, iPhone promotion requires that the device you are working on is in working condition. Unlike some other wireless promotions, it is available to existing customers without the need to change or add a new line.

Add new jobs with new stores

T-Mobile says it plans to add 7,500 new jobs over the next two years and will create hundreds of new retail stores in smaller cities across the US. The carrier says the new stores will be responsible for “5,000 direct new jobs” as well as “thousands in construction and services and maintaining them.”

A new initiative called hometown experts will add 2,500 people to “2,500 small towns”. The carrier says these “experts” will “function as a one-man shop, but without a traditional storefront.” This includes selling equipment, setting up services, and helping people connect to its network.

T-Mobile’s executive vice president, John Freire, says the program is designed to bring carriers into areas where it would be financially “difficult” to open a full-fledged retail space. “It’s an innovative way to bring T-Mobile to those small communities, just without the cost of landlords and leases and all that,” he says. ”

Fryer states that these employees will not be required to store the inventory on their own and instead they will be connected to the “nearby” store and will be able to access the inventory there. The positions would also be considered full T-Mobile employees, with Fryer noting that “they have the same benefits that I do.”

The company says that the first 1,000 of these new specialist posts have already been posted on its website.

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