Suriya pens an emotional note for KV Anand: ‘The first light that fell on me was from your camera’

Tamil star Surya has written a passionate tribute to the director-cinematographer. KV Anand who died Due to Kovid-19 related complications in Chennai in the early hours of Friday. Surya and KV Anand collaborated with successful actor-director collaborations with films like Ayan, Matraran and Kappan.

Suriya shared two of her pictures on Twitter, including one click herself and KV Anand. The translation of the actor’s Tamil statement reads, “KV Anand sir … Your death reminds us with a stiff slap that we are in a period of an epidemic. The fact that you are not with us causes a lot of heartache Is. In the sorrow of your unacceptable loss, unforgettable memories are coming back like waves. It is through the picture you took, a wonderful moment happened, Saravanan became Suriya. To show a new face at a right angle You are still in awe of the effort made for two hours. That two-hour photoshoot in the Madras Talkies office made me feel like I am on the war front. Shooting ‘Russian Angle’ for Nerukku Ner gave me my Attracted, which was the main reason for director Vasant, producer Mani Rathnam and others. Not just from that picture, you were behind the camera when I first started on the silver screen as an actor. “

He further wrote, “The first light that fell on me was from your camera. Through that light my future became bright. I will never forget your contribution and guidance in my film career. The words you shared with love and care for my development still guide me in my career. The effort you put in during the making of Ayan gave me new energy that was longing for a big hit. Ayan’s success made me everyone’s favorite, and I look back at him with gratitude. It is an abnormality of nature that you were a part of my first film and I was a part of your last film. You will be in our memories forever, sir. Heartfelt thanks and tribute. “

In her caption, Suriya wrote, “We will miss you sir !!”

The film industry suffered a setback with the sudden demise of KV Anand. Ever since this news came out, celebrities have been posting their condolences on social media. Stars like Mohanlal, Allu Arjun and Prithviraj were among those who mourned the death of the award-winning cinematographer and director.

Suriya-starrer Ayan is known as one of the best action entertainers who have produced the Tamil film industry in the last two decades. The film revolves around a educated young man who smuggles precious goods under the nose of customs. The film came out in 2009 and its huge success at the box office helped Surya gain a foothold in the industry.

The actor re-worked for Mataran in 2012 alongside KV Anand. The pair collaborated again for Anand’s last directorial Keppan (2019). The film also featured Mohanlal and Arya. It followed the efforts of a security officer who fails to stop the assassination of the country’s prime minister. He then vows to avenge his master’s death.

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