Sure Sounds Like Tony Todd in This New Candyman Teaser

Sure Sounds Like Tony Todd in This New Candyman Teaser

This ensures that horror legend Tony Todd is included in the latest form of Nia DaCosta Sweet seller. When the film was originally announced, Todd’s name was not officially attached. He was very vocal about his desire to join. He retained fans with new information until it became available, until it was officially announced that he would return in some capacity. Now, the latest tease for the film may feature his voice, although we can’t be sure, as it has not been confirmed by the studio or Tony Todd at the moment.

We all know how to call Candiman and it seems that the teaser is not yet ready to do so. They only mention the name four times instead of five, so maybe we will get the full five when the release date gets closer. We learn from this new footage, mixed with the horrifying animated footage of a few weeks ago, “Candyman is not that. Candyman is the whole damn thing.” And then at the end, we hear someone who sounds so weird Tony tod Say, “Tell everyone.”

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Nia dacosta’s Sweet seller Is really starting to get some publicity. A few weeks ago the director shared a chilling, and unfortunately timely, animated teaser that traced the origins of the iconic character. DaCosta shared the new footage at a time when racial injustice is on the rise across the world and it struck a chord with viewers. Horror fans were upset by what they saw, sharing the video thousands of times worldwide. Of DaCosta Sweet seller Something is shaping up to be different than initially thought.

This facelift in Candyman’s world comes from producer Jordan Peel, who also co-wrote the film with Vin Rosenfeld. The film follows Anthony McCoy of Yahya Abdul-Matin II, an artist who has just moved to a luxury loft condo in Cabrini, now out of recognition and populated by mobile Millennials . This is the place where Candiman’s vision used to recur during the day, and it seems unlikely that he would be making a comeback with the help of Anthony’s artwork. We have already seen some frightening teases about what this art is doing, but not yet to the fullest extent.

Sweet seller Still scheduled to open in theaters on September 25, though Tony Todd is hinting that the film will be available on VOD on the same day. It has not been confirmed by Universal, but it would not be strange to see that they are taking this route with much uncertainty to reopen theaters. So far, things keep pushing back from the original July projections in August, which can easily turn to a decline when all is said and done. Despite, there are many people who want to see Sweet seller, So hopefully it makes its target release date. You can watch the latest teaser above, thanks to the Universal Teaser YouTube channel.

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