Superman Writer Slams Dean Cain for Being Wrong About ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’

Superman Writer Slams Dean Cain for Being Wrong About ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’

the former Superman Actor Dean Cain has recently found himself the source of some ridicule after his comments about the iconic DC superhero, his famous catchphrase and “canceled culture”. In an interview with Fox News, Caine said, “It’s a matter of a completely canceling culture that we’re living in now.” Cain then claimed a big adventure about Superman and his world view, saying, “It all drives me crazy. I promise you, as Superman, I need to be ‘truth, justice and the American way’ today.” Will not be allowed to say. “

Dean can He has been criticized extensively for his comments during the interview, with one person pointing to a sinister error in his statement, highlighted by a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: “Good Job Real Greatest Film of All Time Hai, which was released only last year, sounds ****** stupid, like a character star named Captain America or Dean Cain.

Another wrote that “Superman is an immigrant adopted by a working-class family, whose fanatic-nomenclature is a greedy techno-billionaire, written by two Jewish Americans in direct response to the global rise of fascism. So no, Dean Cain should probably play the role of Superman. “

However the final blow came courtesy of Eicher-winning comic book writer Tom King, who posted a screenshot of one Superman The story she recently wrote with the caption, “Mother f *** er I put it in a comic this year.

Frankly, King knows a thing or two about Superman, who has written the most brilliant recently Superman: In the Sky With Andy Kubert. King, of course, dismisses Cain’s comments as baseless nonsense, providing an image from his run on the character that the use of the phrase “The American Way” as evidence is perfectly fine.

Although the debate between the two did not stop, Cain responded to King’s comments and admitted a mistake in his belief. “Well kudos to you! I’m standing right. I’m glad you did! What’s the humor?”. Caine also stated with the language used in his response, “(Also, the MF part of your tweet is not necessary, but if you find it hard, that’s fine)”.

Of course, it wasn’t quite the end, with the king replying, “Ah” MF “was an insult, because you used your platform to discourage people from wearing masks that would cost a life — on the contrary What Superman will do. I don’t know if I’m tough but I fought for my country overseas and didn’t just wear the cape in front of the camera. “

Regardless of your opinion on some of the matters being discussed by the actor and comic book writer, King’s continued ability to provide mic drop moments is certainly satisfying for Witness.

Dean Caine is best known for his portrayal of Clark Kent in the 90s television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman alongside Terry Hatcher. The show focused on the romantic triangle formed between Superman, Clark Kent, and Lois (who apparently doesn’t know they’re really the same). True to the old Superman form, the evil Lex Luthor pops up every single day to wreak havoc on the planet and the city of Metropolis.

Although depictions of current live-action Superman Something uncertain at the moment, it is unlikely that Cain will play the Red Cape any time soon, unless of course, he wants to suffer the wrath of Tom King once again. This comes to us from Tom King’s official Twitter account.

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