Superman Spotted on The Batman Set, But It’s Not What You Think

A new photo from Matt Reeves’ set Batman A major clue to Superman. Reeves and crew are currently filming around England, resulting in leakage of images behind the scenes one after the other. Earlier this week we were treated to new images of Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot, aka Penguin’s paintings, as well as Joe Kravitz’s Selena Kyle and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Yesterday, a stuntman photographed the top of a building, resembling a garbage bag batsuit.

Now, we have an image that shows someone Batman Dressed as Superman. However, it is not back as Henry Cavill Steel’s Man. The unidentified person is reportedly an extra and the scene in question allegedly takes place on Halloween. While the image is taken from afar, one can easily see the Superman cape that Christopher Reeve wore in the original Superman Movies. Shazam! It proved that other DC superheroes exist, as proved by their wares and eventually a surprise cameo.

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It is unclear whether Superman is a fictional character or not Batman The universe, or if it actually exists. Whatever it is, this is the kind of thing that will get a lot Dc comics Talking to fans and speculating that they try and find out exactly what Matt Reeves is. Over the summer, Reeves talked about his version of Gotham. He said, “It’s like the nature of that place, and its history is important to our story and one thing I really wanted to do because it’s the center of the story – especially the history of corruption in the city.”

Gotham City is no stranger to corruption. That aspect has been mentioned in many stories of the Dark Knight over the years. However, Matt Reeves plans to do something different from his work on the iconic character. Reeves said, “I wanted it to feel like an American city.” I mean other iterations … Burton Ek had very, very, very dramatic, beautiful sets – and Nolan had the version he made. Was Batman Begins And that was … in parts of Chicago and parts of Pittsburgh, “he said.” And what we’re trying to do is a version of it that you haven’t seen before. “As the trailer suggests, Reeves. Doing something different.

Batman Just pushed back by 2022, so we’ll have to go back a while to see Matt Reeve’s Gotham City in its entirety, as well as if he and Superman have factors in the universe. It is highly doubtful that the Man of Steel will have enough room in the story, though along the way Flash The film is taking shape, it seems that anything is possible these days. You can see the latest image Batman Set up thanks for Yassinfinte Twitter Accounting.

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