Creating Sugar Cosmetics: The Incredible Journey of Vineeta Singh

If you are even a little familiar with makeup, then you must have heard of Sugar Cosmetics. This
is a brand that is famous all over the world. Nowadays, even celebrities use sugary cosmetics.
But, you know, behind this successful brand is the hard work of Vineeta Singh. Vineeta has
worked very hard in her life, and that is why she has reached this position today. So let us learn
about Vineeta’s journey and how she established this successful business.

Vineeta has been afraid of failure since childhood.

Vineeta Singh is a resident of Delhi. Her parents are PhD doctors, which instilled in Vineeta the
desire to achieve something significant in her life. She pursued her studies at IIT Madras and
IIM Ahmedabad. Subsequently, she secured a job worth Rs. 1 crore at the age of 23. However,
Vineeta felt that something was missing in her life. She realized that she had to pursue
something bigger and leave her mark on the world. Despite her childhood fear of failure, which
had held her back, Vineeta started to believe that overcoming failure was necessary for progress
in her life.

SUGAR Cosmetics

Vineeta did not get support from investors.

Vineeta had left her job to open her own company. However, lacking experience in this field and
being only 23 years old, she struggled to secure support from investors. No one was willing to
invest money in her company.

Let us tell you, Vineeta has always had great respect for money since childhood. During her early
years, she and her friend created a magazine and attempted to sell it for Rs. 3. Unfortunately,
they struggled to find buyers. It was during this time that Vineeta learned the importance of

Work done for Rs 10 thousand

When Vineeta did not get help from investors, she did not lose courage and started a business.
She used to earn only 10 thousand rupees in this business. However, her company did not last
long and was closed in 2015.

Sugar Cosmetics was started with women in mind.

Vineeta started a cosmetic business with women in mind, prioritizing quality. She believed in
creating products specifically tailored to suit women’s needs. Vineeta was convinced that Sugar
Cosmetics could instill confidence in women. With this vision in mind, she ventured into making
lipstick, which quickly gained popularity. Through an e-commerce website, Vineeta discovered
that her lipstick was well-received by consumers, motivating her to continue her path to success.
Nowadays, Vineeta’s Sugar Cosmetics is becoming a global brand. Presently, Sugar Cosmetics
has more than 2500 outlets in 150 cities. It boasts a turnover of Rs 3000 crore. Vineeta reflects
on her childhood fear of failure, but despite facing numerous rejections, she has achieved
success today.

Deal with your problems.

In various programs, including Shark Tank, Vineeta advises all entrepreneurs that if they want
to be successful in life and take their businesses forward, they must confront their own
challenges. She believes that by doing so, success will eventually follow.

Think big, do big.

Vineeta Singh believes that to accomplish something significant, it’s crucial to think big. Without
ambitious thinking, achieving notable success is unlikely.

Don’t be afraid of product failure.

Vineeta believes that success in life and business requires forward-thinking. Additionally, one
should not fear product failure. Embracing failure as an opportunity to learn, rise, and
ultimately succeed is key. Therefore, fear of defeat should never hold you back.
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