Streamlabs launches a ‘link in bio’ website builder that includes tipping – ClearTips

Streamlabs launches a ‘link in bio’ website builder that includes tipping – TechCrunch

Many online creators and influencers have adopted a mobile-friendly “link in bio” like LinkTree to indicate their fans to promote their social profiles or other content. Today, live streaming software company Streamlabs launched its product in this market with its new mobile website builder Willow. Its equipment distinguishes itself from others in this space by integrating a tipping facility directly onto the landing space.

“Link in Bio” websites have grown in popularity as social platforms such as TicketLock and Instagram only allow users to have a main URL on the user profile. But online creators and influencers often have a presence on many sites that their fans want to know. This is where these custom websites come from.

Like most “links in bio” website builders, Willow provides a simple way to add a list of links to a customized, mobile-optimized webpage.

For example, the product itself is somewhat basic compared to products offered by new startups like Beacon, which allow users to add links for donations, affiliate purchases, paid downloads, and more. In the case of willows, you simply enter a URL and it appears on your website. You can also choose from a handful of colorful designs with their own style and font.

The online website builder lets you see your site in progress while adding links or updating designs, and you can preview what it looks like on mobile, tablet and desktop by clicking a button.

But the more interesting feature of willow is the ability to add tipping to your website.

To do this, all you need to do is toggle on the Tips feature from the website builder interface and then connect your PayPal account to Willow. This is a “charity!” The button at the top of your link list so you can encourage fans to leave a tip.

Image Credit: Streamlabs

This feature would be the major selling point of the new website builder, given that, today, creators receiving suggestions through social and streaming platforms often have to share the revenue from those transactions back with the platform. Suggestions via PayPal would be a more direct form of payment between fans and creators, beyond any applicable PayPal fees.

Streamlabs tells us that it keeps none of Tip’s money – everything goes to the producer.

However, it plans to monetize the new product in a different way soon. In a few weeks’ time, the company will offer a paid version for $ 5 per month, which includes expanded analytics like click-through rates and which days see the most clicks and views. The Pro version will also include more custom themes.

Image Credit: Willow screenshot

Because Willow has launched today, it does not have a large number of users at this time. However, a top streamer Faiz meo Has already signed up, according to a short willow link ( found on his various social media bios.

“Our experience building tools for live streamers inspired us to build products that cater to more and more content creator ecosystems,” said George Kurdin, Streamlabs GM. He added, “To fulfill this mission and grow our business, we are building products that cater to more brands, businesses and individuals.”

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