Stranger Things is filming, and it looks like Chief Hopper got in a fight

Jim Hopper (David Harbor) appears imprisoned in a Russian work camp in season 4.

Screenshot by Gonzalo Jiménez / CNET

Things are getting weird again on the set of Stranger Things. The Netflix hit is filming its fourth season, and star David Harbor, who plays police chief Jim Hopper, posted a short Instagram video from the set on Wednesday. If the bloody mark on his head is any kind of sign, the hopper is having a tough day in whatever episode is being shot.

“I’m shooting season four of my television show here,” he says in a prominent “duh” statement. “Who wants to hear the spoof from season four? Let me read straight from the script.”

Thanks to Harbor’s job stability, he’s just joking, though shortly after that, he said co-star Millie Bobby Brown posted on the Instagram feed, stating, “Netflix Today Later Later Is making phone calls. “

Harbor mockingly replies, “Millie, don’t tell Netflix, don’t tell Netflix that I’m doing Instagram live from the set.”

He jokingly said, “I am going to read my section of the script right now, Milli. I am going to tell you what happens to the XI this season.”

Harbor didn’t do it – but she did connect with Brown in a video call, where he smilingly asked her where he was, he confirmed that he knew he was in Atlanta on the set, and that he later got into trouble. Inserted. She also revealed that she was in the exact same costumes, as Harbor was wearing a sloppy shirt and bloody marks were appearing on her head as if her character was in a fight or otherwise uprooted.

But Harbor revealed his costume, stating that a 2020 official trailer had already featured him in that costume. This is the trailer in which he is shown working on a railroad that appears to be an icy Russian prison camp, but bloody traces do not appear in that clip.

The call ended when someone, a crew member, called Harbor to return to the set. The fourth season of Stranger Things still has no release date.

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