Stop and Go Trailer Takes Two Sisters on a Crazy Road Trip During the Pandemic

One of the biggest changes that forced the world to grapple with this last year is the loss of freedom to move around freely. new indie movie wait and go tackles this aspect of the pandemic in a comical way. Official synopsis for Stop & Go, a product of Soro Films Production in partnership with Buzzfeed Studios, previously titled health benefit, can be read below.

Sisters Blake and Jamie’s big plans for the year come to a screeching halt when they are forced to rescue their grandmother and her beloved dog from her nursing home before their carefree sister can get there first. They start a hilarious cross-country race while battling with a neurotic dog breeder, a highly unsuitable 9-year-old, and an ignorant Romeo, in the name of the family.

Mallory Everton in the film and whitney call Led as two sisters who are forced to take a cross-country road trip to visit their grandmother in the midst of a raging pandemic. Internet comedy fans will best remember Everton and Call as part of the hugely successful sketch comedy show Studio C.

Later Mallory Everton And after Whitney Call moved from Studio C with most of the original cast, she set up shop in a new YouTube channel, JK! studio, where he continued to produce miniatures for much of 2020. trailer for wait and go Other Studio C alums have also been featured, including Steven Meek, who co-directed the film with Everton, and Jeremy Warner, who appears briefly as a creepy onlooker.

The film’s trailer relies heavily on the acrimonious chemistry between Everton and Call as much of the story takes place between their two characters alone on the road. It is also clarified time and again that the threat of the pandemic will play a big part in intensifying the drama as the two sisters are shown passing out whenever they see the potential source of germs from unmasked people.

We also see other, more traditional tropes from road trip movies, from attempting to start a reluctant car engine and trying to find good music to play for the trip, to relieving oneself in the absence of a restroom. Looking for a lonely place.

Despite the film’s comic tone, there’s also an undercurrent of sadness as Blake and Jamie make their way through the deserted streets to try to visit their grandmother before her nursing home is hit by a COVID outbreak. The slightly gloomy air between the film’s comedic scenes is summed up quite well by the trailer’s tagline, “Best road trip of the worst years”.

wait and go Made its world premiere at this year’s SXSW, and will arrive in both theaters and on-demand on October 1. In addition to co-directing and co-starring in the film, Everton also co-wrote the screenplay with Stephen Meek. . The film was produced by Scott Kristofferson, Abi Nielsen Hunsker, Babeta Kelly and Meek, with Brenna Emppy in charge of cinematography.

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