Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive Reboot Idea Pitched by Son Joe Hill

Which is an excellent idea to remake Hill Max overdrive. Hill admitted that he would be involved in directing and writing a remake of the 1986 cult classic. The original comedy was written and directed by Horror Hill’s father Stephen King, and was a box office hit. The screenplay was based on King’s short story trucks and loosely inspired by his first collection of short stories called Night Shift.

In a new interview with Mick Garris on Bloody Disgusting, Joe Hill was asked if he wanted to venture into the world of direction. Without hesitation, Hill replied, “I only want to jump into direction if I had a chance to reboot Max overdrive“He said,” If someone gave me a chance to write and direct a relay of maximum overdrive, I would jump on it in a second. “When pushed forward, Hill gave a loose idea of ​​what to take on his story.” Which hill telling.

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“The timing is right, okay. So basically, they’re all self-driving vehicles. So now it’s not a comet that turns them off, it’s a virus in electronics that turns them off. And so You’ve got it. The giant Tesla Semitrack, then you know, wipes everyone out. I think it could be great. “

Who is on the hill Max overdrive It seems to work perfectly in today’s world. But, is anyone going to give him a chance to do this? It is entirely possible Stephen King Many times have admitted that he was not in the best headspace when he was making the original film due to drug abuse. The soundtrack from AC / DC also could not save the film at the box office.

Ac / dc soundtrack for Max overdrive It is still freshly watched, and the film is considered so bad that it is actually good. Stephen King has since called it a “Moran film”. With harsh criticism from critics and audiences, Joe Hill says Max overdrive The only project he wants to write and direct on his own. By taking out the sci-fi aspect of the original film and connecting it to the dangers of technology, Hill could hit his hands.

Recent Child’s play The remake took the sci-fi elements from the franchise and also added a technical spin to Chunky’s world. The film was not a box office hit, but it was a hit with younger horror fans who are hoping that a sequel is coming to an end. The big difference in this comparison is that Child’s play Horror is a masterpiece, while Maximum Overdrive is less than that kind of praise. We’ll just have to wait and see if Joe Hill gets the desire to remake his father. Max overdrive, You can check out a portion of the interview with Hill, thanks to the Bloody Disgusting YouTube channel.

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