Stephen Colletti on If He’d Help Marry James Lafferty & Alexandra Park

Stephen Colletti on If He'd Help Marry James Lafferty & Alexandra Park

Would like Stefan Colletti Ever consider spoiling her marriage one Tree Hill Co-star James loferty And Alexandra ParkThe Fans might not cross their fingers.

The actor reacted to the idea during a recent interview with E! news. “They know it’s better not to offend me,” he said with a laugh. Still, Park suggested that Coletti would not be a bad candidate for the job.

“This guy can pull anything at the last minute,” Royal The actress went. “We feel that we are in good hands.”

Lafferty announced his engagement to return the park in September. But with the coronovirus epidemic and his new comedy, about to hit Hulu, the bride is admitted to have done a “slim” amount of wedding planning.

The show is Everyone is doing great. It tells the story of Seth Stewart (Colletti) and Jeremy Davis (Loferty), who starred in a popular vampire series five years ago. Now, with this show, they are trying to navigate their relationships and the afterlife fame. Not only did Colletti and Lafferty write and direct the series, but they also starred in it alongside Park.

“I’ve put them on strict orders,” Coltty quipped. “They don’t plan until we finish working on season two …. We get through season one, and then we enjoy season two. We work together Are, and then we can talk about wedding plans. “

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