Static Shock Will Build a New DC Movie Universe Says Producer Michael B. Jordan

After hitting the MCU in the role of Eric Kilmonger, Michael b jordan Has set its sights on DCEU. The actor rode live-action static Shock Film project as a producer with Reginald Hudlin. Jordan will produce the film under his Warner-based banner, Outline Society. The actor expressed his enthusiasm for the project:

“I am proud to be a part of the creation of a new universe centered around Black superheroes; our community deserves that Outline Society is committed to bringing diverse comic book content across all platforms and we, along with Reggie and Warner Bros. Excited to partner. On this initial step. “

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Static aka Virgil Ovid Hawkins’ character first appeared in the 1993 graphic novel series Fixed No. 1 via Milestone Comics. Created by a group of artists of color and distributed by DC, Milestone aimed to introduce more diverse heroes and characters to the world of comics. From the beginning, Static was the breakout star of the stable of characters created by Milestone, and continued to enjoy popularity after making a milestone impression.

Static then made the leap into the official DC Comics universe, using his electromagnetism-based powers to establish his name in the Super DC world and at one point join the Teen Titans. a static Shock The animated series aired in early 2000 for four seasons. Increased character outline indicated Justice league unlimited One of his crossover episodes officially featured showrunners.

News of static Shock The development of the film was confirmed by Hudlin a few weeks ago during the DC Fandom event. Since then, the Internet behind popular superheroes has been abusive with rumors of financial casting choices and alleged storylines. John Boyega was a popular favorite among fans to play the role of Static, but the actor shot fan-casting saying he was too old for the part.

In most iterations of the character, Static is portrayed as a poor-neighborhood African-American teenager who gains powers after being exposed to radioactive chemistry. The similarities to Spider-Man were intentional on the part of the creators of Static, as they wanted to put their own spin on the young, lonely superhero archetype.

Due to the similarity in his powers, Static is often confused with DC’s Black Lightning, another Black superhero with power-based powers. But the two are not related in any way. While the latter had its own CW show, there were indications of Static joining the cast Black lightning For guest appearance. But those plans will probably be scrapped now that the character is ready for his live action film.

With the right treatment, Static can prove to the DCEU what Spider Man is to the MCU, a young hero who may appeal to the next generation of comic book movie fans. No casting has been announced static Shock As of now, so we’ll have to wait and see which young actor gets to donate the Mandal of Static in the coming months. This news came from the Hollywood Reporter.

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