Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the sequel The Clone Wars deserves

Star Wars: The Bad Batch is the sequel The Clone Wars deserves
Bad batch from star wars

The Bad Batch – Crosshairs, Echo, Wrecker, Hunter and Tech – are an excellent team to spend time with.


It was hard to know what to expect from whom Star Wars: The Bad Batch. After Clone wars‘Incredible final season, it seemed unlikely Followup CGI Animated Series It could reach the same well-known heights as it diverted attention from the beloved Jedi heroes and shifted them to a squad of cultured clones.

Fans need not be worried though: the 70-minute first episode of The Bad Batch Disney plus Hit as hard as May 4, Pinnacle Clone Wars. Killing the Sith during revenge events, it provides another perspective on Order 66 as Darth Sidious seizes control of the galaxy and the cloned Jedopers turn on their Jedi allies.

Last time we saw the titular squad Worked together – Taking very attractive actions with little sense of danger. The new show discards tension wisely, with Bad Bach reacting to Order 66 in a conflicting manner, creating a delicious sense of mistrust in the team.

Their different personalities add a lot of color – Rambo-like Hunters are relatable all-rounders; nerdy Tech distributes information to advance the plot; Wrecker is almost comic; The sniper crosshair is icy logic; And cybernetically enhanced new recruit Echo is the droid.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch Explosion

The action debuted in the first episode of the show.

Lucasfilm / screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Versatile voice actor De bradley baker Playing all the clones and sounds from The Clone Wars, as if he is jumping between them all, we have fun every minute spent with him. Bad Bach feels like a group of people who have survived some serious crises due to the trust they have built, and it is easy to become emotionally invested in the new challenge they face in this episode.

This is not a squad show, however, as a trip to the cloning center on the water planet Kamino reveals that Bad Batch’s clone brothers had gained a new cruelty under Empire. This is in stark contrast to the old show’s potential clones, and adds another layer of risk to this adventure

Omega from Star Wars: The Bad Batch

Omega is an excellent addition to the Star Wars universe.

Lucasfilm / screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

We have also come for this show Baby yoda Equivalent – Mysterious Omega. Coming to get more Imperial, Kamino forms a bond with the rude young Bad Bach, and actor Michelle Aang brings a sense of wonder to the character. It is a credit to Ang and the writing team that Omega feels like a reliable child without slipping into any annoying child tropes.

The visuals are as spectacular as we expected from Lucasfilm Animation, touching the same heights in the final season of The Clone Wars. The character design is striking and they explore a number of spectacular locations in the first episode alone – an icy world, underwater bastards and a thick jungle planet with plenty of diversity. Returning musician Kevin Keener also makes each place feel grandiose through its score.

The show would delight in exploring the cosmology and changing mechanics as decimated republics in a decisively oppressive empire – it wastes very little time that the clones were replaced by stromatoppers and gave us some connective tissue to the Rebels Were (in the next show Chronological time), Among other nuggets.

The premiere episode of Star Wars: Bad Batch serves as a killer introduction to this 16-episode adventure, which pays homage to The Clone Wars without being a carbon copy. Let’s hope it keeps the intensity going and explores new areas of the galaxy as new plus 20 minute episodes hit Disney Plus every Friday.

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