Star Wars Squadrons Video Game Announced by EA, Trailer Arrives This Monday

Star wars Fans and / or gamers have something to look forward to as EA has announced a new video game within the franchise. Star Wars: Squadron Revealed by the publisher from far, far away, as the next game down the pipeline in the distant galaxy. While the details still remain mysterious, we should learn more on Monday. EA had this to say, saying on Twitter.

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“Pilot Wanted. Tune in for the trailer of #StarWarsSquadrons of Pacific Time this Monday, June 15 at 8:00 am.”

The tweet also shows some early artwork for the video game. We see a rebel and the royal pilot standing shoulder to shoulder. The rebellion and the empire’s fleet are on a collision course with each other. Based on the ships depicted, it seems set during the original trilogy era. Furthermore, the image cannot be brightened further. But fans of older Star Wars video games may have an eyebrow at the title.

The first Rogue Squadron game was released in 1999, placing players on the pilots’ seat in a flight mission to the Rebels. The game focused on aerial combat and proved to be a big hit. Two sequels were released in 2001 and 2003 respectively. The title of this new game, especially when paired with early fantasy, takes those classic games into consideration. Although purely speculative for now, it seems that we may return to a series that is not far away. Ea rebooted first Battlefront Series for current generation consoles, so there is some precedent for this kind of thing.

The modern era of Star Wars gaming has been, to a lesser extent, somewhat recent. Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 and was their first attempt Battlefront. The online shooter lacked a single-player component and did not match the level of quality in the original form of the game, which was the original game. Sequel of 2017 Battlefield 2, Added a canon, single-player story, which helped. But the game featured a maligned loot box system, which was widely criticized. EA’s fortunes changed last year when Jedi Fallen Order reached. The story-centric game was a big hit critically and commercially, with the sequel confirming recent development.

Although the scope of this new game is not yet revealed, there is some momentum to the creation of EA and Lucasfilm. It is also worth noting that EA Play is scheduled to take place on 18 June, so we can learn even more about the game within the next week. Star Wars: Squadron The trailer is set to debut from Monday, with a YouTube link already available for bookmarks, for fans who want to watch it. We will be sure to bring you more details as they are provided. Be sure to check out the new artwork from the EA Star Wars Twitter account.

Star wars squadron poster

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