Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Gets a New Name in The High Republic Official Timeline

the Phantom Menace What most Star wars Fans refer to it as the prequel trilogy, including Clone attack And revenge of the Sith. An official timeline for new Star wars Media initiative High republic has been released. It separates many different eras. Star wars Saga And it gives them each new name. Perhaps the most interesting title comes for a trio of films directed by George Lucas that began in 1999 and ended in 2005.

Star Wars Prequel Triology is now officially called Fall of jedi. It includes the three films that track Anakin’s backstory, from being a slave in the Tatoin Desert to the Dark Side as Sith Lord Darth Vader. Fall of jedi It also includes an animated series Clone wars. The new timeline contains 6 eras, which breaks with High republic.

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The High Republic is a new story initiative, featuring several different meds, including books, comics, and at least one upcoming TV show. None of the new projects are included High republic Are included on the timeline itself. The timeline comes with the launch of Marvel Comics’ High republic # 1 and new Star wars The novel The High Republic – Light of the Jedi. These publications are released first, and predict these events the Phantom Menace For many decades.

High republic And Fall of jedi These are the first two eras to be represented on the new timeline. They are followed after the third era, now referred to as Reign of empire. Under this header is the upcoming animated series The Bad Batch, which is followed by a group of cloned Troopers. Clone wars. This era also includes Solo, Second Star wars story Released, which follows Han and Chewabaka in their early days.

The fourth era is based on the timeline Age of rebellion. This era includes another Star wars Animated series The rebels After the first Star wars story, Wicked one. The original trilogy also belongs to Age of rebellion, which includes a new Hope, the Empire Strikes Back And Return of the Jedi.

The fifth era in the map is called The new republic And only includes MandalorianFirst live-action Star wars Tv show. But it can be safely assumed that the recently announced Disney + series Ahosa and the Rangers of the New Republic are also part of this era.

The last era included in this new time period is called Rise of first order. This includes cancellation Star wars Animated series Resistance And the movies feature the new Disney trilogy The Force Awakens, The last jedi And Rise of skywalker. You can check the timeline below to get a better understanding of where in each chapter Star wars The saga is indeed implied.

Star wars the high republic timeline

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